‘Real’ Tube map goes on Net

Posted by admin | January 16, 2009 0

Google “Tube” Map

Google continues its march towards World Domination by putting one of the first “real” London Tube maps online. The internet firm has mapped the location of the main Tube lines and added it to its Google Maps website.

Visitors can see the lines by clicking the “transit” button of the site. “If you want to book a hotel or make a restaurant reservation, you can switch on the Transit Layer and look for the public transport line nearest to the location,” said Raphael Leiteritz of Google.

Harry Beck and his map

Londoners are used to the Tube map designed by Harry Beck in 1931. His simplified map consists of stations, straight lines connecting them and the Thames. Critics say it gives visitors an unrealistic view of London’s layout. However, Harry Beck’s map has created such a powerful impression that it dominates our perceptions of London’s geography. A variation of his original design is still used by London Underground today, and Beck’s concept of a diagrammatic map has been imitated all over the world.

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