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Filmed entirely in central London and featuring actual footage shot on the London Underground, Rainer Hersch’s new Apple® Ringtones Rag Video is a real cracker!

Rainer Hersch is a British conductor, actor, writer and comedian, best known for comic takes on classical music. One of his most notable recent creations? A symphony-worthy compilation of iPhone-inspired — ranging from orchestral takes on its iconic default ringtone to its standard alert sounds.

Hersch plays the xylophone in his video, while being supported by an orchestra playing the clarinet, horn, two violins, viola, cello and percussion. The video was first uploaded in 2016 and it has racked up more than 340,000 views since it debuted on YouTube.

“I wrote the piece last year with a friend as the sequel to my Windows Waltz, which almost 5 million people have watched so far,” he told the paper. “The reaction so far has been incredible.”

It’s kind of frivolous news to start a Monday, but it’s fun to see how Apple’s creativity can inspire people to do their own things. It’s also a reminder of just how iconic the default iPhone ringtone is. We guess that when you consider that the average adult receives 5 phones per day, and the iPhone celebrates its tenth birthday this year, that kind of gives a melody time to earworm its way into your brain!

Of course, if you really like Hersch’s remix enough you can always the “ringtone rag” for use as your very own ringtone by downloading it here:

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