A Metropolitan Police Commissioner for London

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Sir Ian Blair – Bring it on!

Britain’s most senior policeman was forced out of office by a Conservative mayor of London yesterday, provoking a political crisis over control of the country’s largest police force.

Boris Johnson was accused of carrying out a putsch against Sir Ian Blair, who was forced to resign after being told he no longer had the confidence of the Mayor. Furious Labour ministers privately accused Mr Johnson of turning the post – which is appointed by the Home Secretary and includes leading the nationwide fight against terrorism – into a “political football”. They said that Sir Ian’s resignation would usher in a new era of politicised police officers.

Mr Johnson assumed the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) on Wednesday and immediately told Sir Ian he did not think he was the right man for the job.

So, in the spirit of recent “Vox Pop” competitions The Celtic Sage is launching “A Metropolitan Police Commissioner for London” competition where the public will vote for the fav non-PC candidate! Details are awaited but as these competitions are largely about appearances here are photos of some of the leading contenders so far! Hello, Hello, Hello!

The candidates so far

An American, maybe?

Maybe not?

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