A Bus for London.

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Foster & Partners New Routemaster

The best view of the top of Nelson’s Column could soon be from the upper deck of a sleek open-platform bus being proposed to replace the much loved Routemaster. The design, by Foster & Partners, features a glass ceiling and an uninterrupted view from windows curving around the top deck.

It is one of several submitted in a competition being held by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to design a new bus. Mr Johnson has pledged to get rid of bendy buses and introduce a modern version of the hop-on, hop-off Routemaster. The glass ceiling would be coated with a special glaze to provide protection from the sun.

However, the Celtic Sage is confident that his design for a Recycled Bendy Bus captures the spirit of the time and will be the best response to budget constraints. As Sir Ian Blair said recently “Bring it on!”

The winner of the competition will be announced next month.

The Recycled Bendy Bus – courtesy of the “Tory Troll”

Tonka, not Bendy but you can squeeze it and it is Nippy!

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So roll on the next Vox Pop Competition – A NEW POLICE COMMISIONER FOR LONDON!

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