A strike too far down the Tube

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Commuters battled through “absolute mayhem” to get to work on today as the Tube strike sparked a morning of travel misery across London.

Commuters have been warned they face further woe trying to get home because of London’s crippling Tube strike. The 24-hour walk-out by members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association is due to finish at 6pm but Transport for London warned station closures and reduced Tube services would still be in effect as hundreds of thousands of Londoners embark on their trip home.

People were being “strongly advised” to avoid peak times by completing their journeys home before 6pm, with transport bosses expecting further chaotic scenes following Monday morning’s problems. RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “This action has been forced on us by savage cuts to jobs that have reduced London Underground to an under-staffed death trap at a time of heightened security and safety alert.” TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “I pay tribute to my members whose commitment to public service is so strong they are now prepared to forgo a day’s pay today and strike if that’s what it takes to warn the public that the Tube is no longer as safely run as it was this time last year. 

Where is the independent evidence for these safety issues in a regulated publicly owned industry? – if RMT / TSSA have it let them bring it into the daylight but as somebody who worked for LU for 20 years, who was the Performance Reporting Manager and reported on Safety, who campaigned for Ken Livingstone, who was a Labour Campaign Manager & candidate and who is an SME on Transport I have never seen it. This is a strike by out of touch Union Apparatchiks following their own sectarian political agenda and the MAJORITY of their members have voted with their feet against the strike today. It is a disgrace from wreckers who follow extreme political tendencies rejected time & time again by the electorate jostling for position and trying to prove they are hard enough to be the new Bob Crow but don’t have an iota of his intelligence.

This is a strike against a publically owned and accountable transport company on a safety pretext which does not have one shred of evidence to support it. Not ONE credible piece of evidence from ONE independent source. These strikes devalue the Labour movement and damage union members.

This is not a strike by the wider Labour Movement, it is a totally unnecessary and damaging action by the narrow Labour movement of failed Stalinist TUSC types and the Trot Worker’s Liberty types cynically using workers in a totally meaningless strike in a publically owned and accountable transport system. Not to mention Manuel Cortes of the useless TSSA (You know, the union which didn’t have an official strike from 1926 to 2014) desperately seeking re-election and trying to prove he is as “hard” as RMT while letting off the empty offices of his shrunken Union that nobody wants to amalgamate with to the Momentum Tendency. Another quiet day at the irrelevant Socialist Party / Militant Tendency then that you campaign against the Labour Party and the politician with the largest personal democratic mandate in Europe, as opposed to some serial losers?

The CyberCorbs denounce Sadiq Khan as a “disgrace”, ” a scab” and much more. This is the effective politician with the largest personal electoral mandate in Europe delivering real change after the wasted years of “do nothing” Boris.  This is a political strike by Union knuckleheads whose views have resoundingly been rejected by Londoners and the wider electorate. It is a strike against a publically owned and accountable transport system.

It is supported by those unelectables whose takeover of the Labour Party under the serially incompetent  Corbyn and his puppet masters such as the Buy-to-Let millionaire Jon Lansman  is consigning Labour to electoral oblivion as by EVERY measure, survey and electoral result the public is turning its back on them.  Labour is remoulded in Corbyn’s image as an irrelevant party of protest and the inept and chaotic Tories rejoice at the political headroom he has bequeathed to them. Meanwhile clueless Corbyn retreats into his comfort zones of the NHS and Rail and guarantees Labour are heading for 150 seats as the electorate rightly see through and disown his failed warmed over 80’s clap trap. 

The country wants Leadership, but the CyberCorbs and extremist Union knuckleheads demand followship of Jeremy Corbyn and a celebration of his 40 years of underachievement.  This is a strike by those who support Jeremy but have spent years campaigning against and undermining the Labour Party and have largely succeeded in their object of wrecking it as a viable alternative Government able to deliver something more than hot air.  London wants unions who properly engage with a reforming Labour Mayor not an RMT led by somebody who campaigned (and lost) against Bob Crow in 1994 by describing him as “strike happy.”

This strike is a disgrace and to a man and a woman Londoners know it, and so do the Union members who voted with their feet today.

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