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An urban photographer is making his way around the capital on a mission to take amazing pictures of every station in London. Graphic designer Luke Agbaimoni has so-far snapped incredible images of “visual memories” at 200 Tube, rail and DLR stations.

The father-of-one took on his “biggest ever project” Tube Mapper shortly after the birth of his daughter in April 2016. He says the challenge was inspired by the way the capital’s network of more than 630 stations links millions of people travelling across the city.

The Tube mapper website showcases the visual memories Luke capture as he travels across the city. As Londoners or tourists in our great city, we all have experiences that are linked to our journeys using London Transport. This photography project shares some of the sites, stations, trains, buses and landmarks that we may encounter when travelling on and beyond the London Underground.

“Every station and every line creates memories for everybody who’s passed there. You don’t have to be a transport buff to see a station and think ‘I’ve been here’ or ‘this happened here’. It links everyone in the capital and to capture memories feels like something special,” the 37-year-old said. The amateur photographer maps his images on a website based on the iconic Tube map.

Previous projects have included mapping piers and vessels on the Thames using an interactive photography map. “I started out my biggest ever project after becoming a dad and realising how much less free time I had. I take different routes home from work and when I meet people I arrange to take pictures to fit my photography in. There, you’re making memories in themselves,” he said.

Mr Agbaimoni is determined to picture every station in the capital but added he wasn’t sure how long it would take. When asked about a favourite station or line, he said: “It’s a hard question, in short, I don’t have one. Bank is impressive with its huge tunnels and escalators but more traditional stations like Swiss Cottage have their own interesting details that are lovely to photograph.”

As well as the quality of the photos which capture the dynamic nature of this bustling World City what I particularly like about the Tube Mapper site is the thematic arrangement of the work under such headings as “Waiting for the Trains”, “Animals on the Underground”, etc: To view more of Mr Agbaimoni’s photography click on the link to his website:

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