The Tory War on Pensioners

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Has there ever been a more mean spirited document than the Conservative #Manifesto which shreds the electoral platform they were elected on in 2015?

The manifesto launched today in Halifax drops the 2015 pledge not to raise income tax or National Insurance and has big changes to social care funding in England. People worth more than £100,000 would have to pay for their care – but could defer payment until after their death. The calculation of someone’s worth for social care where they live will also change to include the value of their home. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the Conservatives of proposing a “tax on dementia”.

Sir Andrew Dilnot produced a report on the social care system for the coalition government in 2011, which recommended that individuals’ contributions to their care costs should be capped at £35,000. “The disappointment about these proposals is that they fail to tackle the biggest problem of all in social care: there is nothing that you can do to protect yourself against care costs,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “People will be left helpless, knowing that what will happen if they are unlucky enough to suffer the need for care costs, is that they will be entirely on their own until they are down to their last £100,000 of all of their wealth, including their house.”

The non-existent Economic Plan

They are also scrapping winter fuel payments to better-off pensioners – at the moment, all pensioners qualify for one-off payments of between £100 and £300 each winter. And they are breaking the commitment in their last Manifesto to a so-called “triple lock” on pensions to a “double lock” with the state pension to rise by the higher of average earnings or inflation – but to no longer go up by 2.5% if they are both lower than that.

Foodbanks and Pension Day Loans are available

I can’t see the Silent Chancellor Phil Hammond being happy with the Tory Death Tax and the War on #Pensioners. You would want to be a total bastard to implement those proposals. Step forward on 9th June the man who fits the bill, disgraced and discredited Liam Fox, the #Brexit Misery Chancellor.

You didn’t really believe us? “Dignity in Retirement. Security at every stage of your life.”

What else. The “Manifesto” is entirely uncosted and they commit to a free vote on Fox Hunting a wonderful distraction to the Brexit Disaster which as no benefit whatsoever.

How tragic that in 5 years of flip flopping Ed and 2 years of Hapless Corbyn the #Labour Party has so misread the country and been so politically inept that the #Torys have been given the political headroom to do this with landslide impunity.

#VoteLabour #NeverCorbyn


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