The Two Dictators Summit

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No doubt The Donald will hail his Love Island Summit with Kim Jung-un as the “Greatest Meeting Ever!” but he cannot gloss over the criminal brutality of the United States in Korea and the brutality of the North Korean tyranny imprisoning its own people in a communist Gulag.

A good start to the Two Dictators Summit  in Singapore would be for the US to apologise for the destruction of EVERY Town and Village from 1950 to 1953 in North Korea and the deliberate killing of over 2.5 Million Civilians  targeted as part of Generals McArthur’s and Le May’s total war to destroy North Korea. The US had recently hanged Nazis for this stuff? As well as the illegal (those quaint Geneva Conventions) targeting of civilians by carpet bombing Trump might want to acknowledge and apologise for the No Gun Ri and Bodo massacres and many others, of South Korean civilians, acts of terrorism which killed over 800,000 South Koreans? There is no evidence the US now or then cares for the lives, culture and self-determination of the Korean People.


The United States killed 2.5 Million North Koreans in the Korean war. Over half a million tons of bombs, including napalm and Chemical Weapons were dropped on children and women

“We burned down every town in North Korea, we killed off 20% of the population” – General Curtis LeMay

And in what strange Trumpian post truth world is North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un “very talented” while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “very dishonest?” These are strange days indeed when the United States refers to its closest ally and neighbour with an undefended border in those terms.

So we are to hail two isolated Men with histories of pathological lying and unilaterally tearing up Agreements, signing an Agreement to see each other again?

Apart from anything else the Singapore Summit ignores the Human Rights abuses in North Korea including the imprisonment of over 200,000 in conditions likened by the UN to Nazi Concentration Camps with arbitrary torture and executions. The International Bar Association’s report described itself as an “unofficial follow-up” to a landmark United Nations inquiry in 2014, which said North Korea’s atrocities were “strikingly similar” to the crimes committed by the Nazis.

North Korean defectors told the committee about some of the individual atrocities they witnessed. These included a prisoner’s newborn baby being fed to guard dogs, the execution of starving prisoners caught digging for edible plants on the mountainside, and a variety of violent measures designed to induce abortions, including injecting motor oil into women’s wombs.

It recommended that the International Criminal Court or another international body should be empowered to investigate these crimes perpetrated by Kim and other regime officials. The dictator is guilty of murder, extermination, enslavement, forcible transfer, imprisonment, torture, sexual violence, persecution, enforced disappearances and other inhumane acts — all but one of the 11 recognized crimes against humanity — the report said.

I have serious doubts that legitimatising a dictator with a non-binding deal that recycles the old 1990 agreement with North Korea will be successful. Particularly from the man who single-handedly killed the Paris Agreement, the Iran deal and recently the G7 and has launched a pointless Trade War as ostensibly the leader of a Republican Party which stands for Free Trade and liberalisation?

There are serious times and there are serious issues to be resolved on the Korean Peninsula which affect China, Russia and Japan and far from least, South Korea and the divided Korean Nation.

These issues called for serious statesmanship but instead we have the shallow choreography of the Two Dictators on Love Island.

Massacre in Korea

Massacre in Korea is a 1951 expressionistic painting by Pablo Picasso which is seen as a criticism of American intervention in the Korean War. It depicts the 1950 Sinchon Massacre, an act of mass killing carried out by North Koreans, South Koreans, and American forces in the town of Sinchon located in South Hwanghae Province, North Korea.

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