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An estimated 1,500 people joined a protest outside Parliament on Monday evening to condemn Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “systematic failure” to deal with anti-Semitism.

The turnout – which included a broad cross-section of the community and a large number of Labour MPs – came only 24 hours after news of the demonstration was announced by the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies. Protestors gathered in Parliament Square in the evening sunshine with many holding banners reading “DAYENU #EnoughisEnough”. Other banners read: “NO to Holocaust denial”.

Clair Kober, the outgoing Haringey council leader, also attended the rally. “I am here to show my support to the Jewish community,” she said.  “I’m sick of the accusation that some people are weaponising allegations of anti-Semitism. “And I’m aghast Ken Livingstone is still a member of the Labour Party. Ms Kober also outlined her experience at the hands of “toxic” Momentum activism. Luciana Berger, who had taken up Mr Corbyn’s Facebook post in support of an anti-Semitic mural depicting Jewish Bankers playing monopoly on the backs of the poor, with the leader’s office last Friday, added: ”Anti-Semitism is very real and alive in the Labour Party.  “It pains me to have to say that today. “

An open letter delivered to the Labour PLP meeting read:” “We’ve had enough of hearing Jeremy Corbyn ‘opposes anti-Semitism’, whilst the mainstream majority of British Jews, and their concerns, are ignored by him and those he leads.” It also accused Mr Corbyn of allowing a climate in which “mainstream Jewish communities are believed to be a hostile entity, a class enemy.” Mr Corbyn had stayed away from last night’s meeting of the Labour’s PLP in Westminster, his office confirmed. There was no explanation why.

Luciana Berger also spoke out at the PLP meeting and was said to have been warmly applauded by colleagues as she called for further pressure over the failure of the leadership to deal with anti-Semitism.  A letter from the Jewish Labour Movement sent to all party MPs claimed its members had been the target of “deliberate and calculated abuse.”

In response to this rally by the Jewish Community the posh-boy Stalinist crew around Corbyn put out the message that to attend a rally to protest anti-Semitism is to support the Tories and show massive ‘error of judgement’? Says it all really?

After the protest outside of the Houses of Parliament by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council here are some of the comments posted to Jeremy Corbyn’s Facebook statement of yesterday. Pretty telling for our comrades in Labour who tell us it isn’t a problem, that this is a manufactured “Blairite” plot or a fabrication of the Main Stream Media? 

Thanks to Mark Persoff for compiling and Adrian Cohen for the heads up:

“Its not anti Semitic to compare Israeli policies to hitlers, it’s fair and accurate.”

“I have never seen anti-semiticism in the Labour Party.. but I have seen anti-zionism of which I am

very proud to be an anti-zionist. We need to be VERY clear that protesting against the so-called apartheid state of Israel is not anti-semitic.

The Labour Party needs to be much stronger on this and not tolerate the conflation of anti-zionism with anti-semiticism [sic]

It disgusts me that within the PLP are a group of MPs calling themselves Labour Friends of Israel. This is disgraceful. In the time of the South African apartheid if there were a group in the PLP calling themselves the Labour Friends of South Africa, they would not have lasted five minutes. To have this group of MPs in the pockets of the zionist lobbyists is the shame of the Labour Party.”

“I would class the mural as anti establishment, anti capitalism not antisemitic”

“Don’t worry I did not believe a word of the media obsessional distraction techniques.”

“Don’t sweat it jez. The mural wasn’t antisemitic anyway, the target of the satire was corrupt banks, not Jewishness. If Jews own the banks then yea they’re involved. What, are we never allowed to critique anything that in any way involved some people who happened to be Jewish? The usual suspects trying to undermine u, they should be ashamed. It is they who hurt labour’s chances not u”

“Ironically most of the right wings are supporter of the zionazi state which make all the sense…racists are alike”

“[…] how by any stretch of the imagination has corbyn used this image an off the cuff comment from years ago is just another ridiculous smear by pro Israeli state lobby in and out of the Labour Party”

“The mural was not antisemetic. This is total foolishness. The painting — from my interoperation — is capitalism being portrayed as a game. A lot of Labour MPs have conveyed solidarity for the Palestinians this week, so the mainstream media driven argument of antisemitism is a way of undermining that. In addition, to undermine the success that will happen 3rd May under Jeremy’s leadership of the Labour Party.”

“Well well Jeremy Corbyn is now just another politician bought and paid for by the Zionist state of Israel. You don’t get to the front benches in the Westminster houses of corruption unless!”

“The mural was not anti-Semitic, it is anti-establishment. It just so happens the Rothschild and the rockerfella family have Jewish backgrounds and are the world’s richest families.

Luciana Berger MP is a traitor to the labour party! She is contributing to the Tory lies and bogus smear campaigns!

I can smell a rat when a labour MP came from Haberdashers private school for girls and secretly has a surname called Goldsmith!”

“Jeremy …someone needs to man up and tell people live on tv that anti Zionism is not the same as antisemiticism …and defend robustly against the traditional onslaught that usually comes after…people are sick and tired of this situation and the constant holocaust “reminders “ on tv…”

“Strange how these unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism always gather steam around election time. Almost as though the Jewish community were trying to subvert sovereign British politics by tarnishing the image of an innocent and genuinely nice man and influencing the outcome of a sovereign British election.”

“Jeremy i am a big fan huge one but no one is more racist faschist extremist and crying victims than jews”

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