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Jeremy Corbyn has questioned Britain’s entire defence policy as he refused to say he would defend a NATO ally which comes under attack.

Corbyn’s stance on NATO is another rotten vegetable from his musty  1970’s ideological allotment chest. Corbyn and Trump now occupy same space on NATO: they are equivocal-to-hostile about invoking key military aid Article 5, the very basis of NATO. To be expected from somebody who took his girlfriend on a motorbike to East Berlin to uncritically view the “Great anti-Fascist Protection Barrier” aka the Berlin Wall erected by the “fraternal” Warsaw Pact which crushed East Germany, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. The “German Democratic Republic” was as democratic as Momentum with a similar addiction to purges and media censorship. What’s endgame for Labour of all this craziness? corbynmilne corbynsinnfein

At a hustings event in Birmingham, the famously-pacifist Labour leader was asked four times if he would use British troops to defend a fellow European country if it was invaded by Russia. “I would want to avoid us getting involved military, by building up democratic relationships,” Mr Corbyn replied. I don’t wish to go to war – what I want to do is achieve a world where we don’t need to go to war.”

Article Five of NATO’s founding treaty makes clear that all member states must rush to the defence of any fellow ally which comes under attack. It has been the central plank of Britain’s entire defence policy for more than half a century.

The Labour Leader who helped found NATO was Clement Attlee, a former British Army Major and Deputy PM in the wartime National Government. He fully understood in 1945 that if Labour was to govern it must be trusted on Defence. That is why he acquired the nuclear deterrent for Britain because in a dangerous world he realised unilateral disarmament was a fool’s mantra. This was an issue Labour debated and settled in the 1960’s. That is why Labour in 1949 ensured we were a founder member of NATO which has deterred aggression in a Europe in conjunction with the US who fought with us against dictatorship and has helped to ensure that 17 former dictatorships in Europe are now democracies. Corbyn’s Defence “policy”, such as it is, is little more credible than that of the elitist and dilettante Greens of adopting pen pals in countries which might threaten us to promote “understanding” and World Peace – oh, if life and reality was so simple. CORBYN-570

jeremy_corbyn_stwc_labourblairiteWe are not the Tories on Bicycles or unelectable spawn of Militant nut job parties on the “Hard Left”. We are that broad church of the Labour Movement, the Labour Party and we get elected from the centre ground, where the electorate lie, when we are trusted on Defence, the Economy and Immigration. In its 116 year history the Labour Party has only governed Britain in its own right for 30 years and only three Labour Prime Ministers have won General Election majorities, Clem Attlee, Harold Wilson and most successfully of all, Tony Blair who gave us 13 years of progressive policies and economic progress from from his three emphatic victories which destroyed 4 Tory leaders. Naturally, having won elections and being forced to make decisions in the real world rather than being a reality denying pundit fleeing responsibility for 33 years, all three successful Labour leaders were reviled by the infantile left.

5 Months

04 Jun 2015, London, England, UK --- London, United Kingdom. 4th June 2015 -- Seumas Milne, author and Guardian columnist, addresses the Rally for Venezuela in London in celebration of 10 years of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. -- A distinguished line-up of speakers appeared before a full house at Hamilton House in Central London to celebrate ten years of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and to call for an end to US sanctions against and intervention in Venezuela. --- Image by © Mark Kerrison/Demotix/Corbis

Labour lost badly a winnable election in 2015 and betrayed its voters under a leader, who despite his integrity and qualities, the PLP didn’t feel would win a General Election. There is not a shred of credible evidence, not a poll, not a report, not a serious commentator, that Labour lost because it was not left wing enough. It lost because it had not got a convincing narrative that resonated in the 102 seats in the South East and 56 seats in Scotland it will need to win back to form a government again.

The delusion of the “Broad Left Front” is just that: a total delusion. It was a delusion even after the Great Depression in 1931 when Labour lost badly and Clem Attlee and Nye Bevan realised the well meaning and ineffectual George Lansbury would need to go if Labour was to win elections and deliver for its people.  The Broad Left Front was a delusion in the 1980’s when Tony Benn’s vapid wittering and the Militant entryism of Militant under Peter Taffe and other unreformed idiots kept Labour from power while Thatcher and the Tories had 19 years of political headroom to wreck the country. Meanwhile the “Hard Left” knuckleheads like Scargill, Hatton, Benn, Livingstone, Skinner and Corbyn blundered into every political trap set for them by Thatcher. It took Neil Kinnock, John Smith and Tony Blair many years to remove the politically inept opportunists and make the Labour Party electable again.  The hard left hate Blair, ignore Wilson but often laud Labour’s other post war election winning leader Attlee, ignoring or not knowing that Attlee with Bevan created NATO our longstanding, successful defensive alliance. An organisation they detest. There already exists parties for far left views. The Greens, the SWP, the Socialist Party and the communist party. Why join our Labour Party to make it as unelectable as the others? Joining Labour to undermine it from within through the Momentum Tendency is simply an attack on the poor, the needy and the disenfranchised. attlee1

wilson3Labour did not win because it was not trusted by the electorate in 2015 and since then under Corbyn and the Momentum cultists we have worked hard at proving the electorate’s instincts spot on. It has no coherent policies or narrative for the 90% of the British Electorate in the 21st Century, Corbyn just keeps reaching back into his musty ideological allotment chest to find another unformed retro “policy.” But of course to the Hard Left and the Momentum cultists there is no commitment to Parliamentary Democracy for there’s  is the infantile Left mindset of “Direct Action” attending echo chamber protests, sit ins, lie downs and cries of “General Strike” when do we want it “Now!!” There’s is the world of bullying, intimidation, meetings packed with Rent-a-Mob supporters with Rent-a-Gob speakers wearing down the opposition with their wall of sound. In short, the sickening panoply of Sid Spart agitprop tricks so loved of Militant and certain Trade Unions which sicken Labour members and the electorate.

Not that Corbyn is interested in policy or Labour’s National Policy Forum. It was abolished by Corbyn when he was elected Leader without notice and without consultation with CLP’s who had just elected their representatives to it. Jeremy has no interest in policy which is why he does not have a single credible policy to convince the electorate, as opposed to JC cultists, that they should elect a Labour Government. In 33 years as a career politician elected on a Labour ticket he voted against the Party over 500 times, on 273 occasions with the Tories, hardly ever went to PLP meetings, never sat on a Parliamentary committee, never introduced or sponsored a Bill and shared platforms with terrorists, homophobes, anti-Semites and unelectable Hard Left types who campaigned against the Labour Party. momentumleedsjohn-mcdonnell-SCLVcorbyn

No wonder he has alienated the electorate where most LABOUR VOTERS would trust Theresa May more and he has alienated 80% of the democratically elected Labour MP’s. We need to move on with a Party fit for the future and fit for government. We need a Leader not stuck in the past but who connects with the 90% of the electorate who want to trust and believe in the Labour Party as a viable alternative to more years of a wrecking Tory  government.

The PLP largely echoes the sentiment of most Labour voters outside the party (A recent poll found that Labour voters think Corbyn should resign immediately by a 60-40 margin). Ironically the PLP are now closer to Labour voters in general than its ideologically driven and unrepresentative membership. This is hugely significant. 172 of his colleagues – who have tried to work with him, have concluded that he has failed to provide the leadership for the party in the House of Commons. If he can’t do it at Westminster – how can he expect the electorate to believe he is capable of giving leadership to the whole country as Prime Minister? AND THAT IS WHAT IS AT STAKE – can Labour offer the leadership the country needs?

Berlin: 40. Jahrestag DDR/ Parade/ Eine Ehrenparade der Nationalen Volksarmee leitete die Feierlichkeiten am 7.Oktober ein. Auf der Ehrentribüne in der Karl-Marx-Allee wurden herzlich begrüßt der Generalsekretär des ZK der SED und Vorsitzende des Staatsrates der DDR, Erich Honecker, und weitere Mitglieder der Partei- und Staatsführung der DDR sowie der Generalsekretär des ZK der KPdSU und Vorsitzende des Obersten Sowjets der UdSSR, Michail Gorbatschow (7.v.l.), und weitere Repräsentanten aus dem Ausland.

nhslabourOver the past year we’ve seen our beloved Labour Party day by day disconnect itself from its status as a credible party of Government that is interested in electoral success to advance the causes of social justice. Ed Miliband’s leadership election reforms and Jeremy Corbyn’s presence on the ballot last year allowed the infiltration of many 10,000s from the hard left who perceive our party to be a political cult about one man itself. Many of these party members have pursued destructive agendas based on whipping up divisive factionalism and consolidating power internally. They show no care for advancing Labour’s electoral prospects in the parliamentary democracy we operate in.

We need a Labour Leader who looks forward, connects with the electorate and actually has the fire in his belly to win the next election and transform a united Britain standing proud in Europe and the World.

Please Jeremy, give the 13 million people needed for the election of a majority government the chance to elect someone who has the experience, skills and qualities to be Prime Minister.



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