Holborn’s last stand

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Holborn Station in Central London is famous for its long escalators, congestion with 60 million passengers every year and being mispronounced by the many foreign types heading to the nearby British Museum to see the world’s largest collection of stolen goods.

A standing-only escalator trial has begun at Holborn Tube station, though many Londoners have ignored the rules and chosen to walk anyway. The escalator experiment at Holborn Tube station got off to a rocky start today as hundreds of Londoners ignored advice and walked anyway. Commuters are being asked to stand on both the left and right hand sides of the long escalators at one of the busiest stations on London Underground network as part of a six month trial. holbornsign

Tests have shown the move reduces congestion by 30 per cent. A third upwards escalator is available for people who wish to walk up the steps. TfL has implemented a range of measures, including footprints on the escalator steps, in an effort to reprogram  passengers. But this morning hundreds of Londoners appeared to be ignoring the advice, instead walking up the staircases as normal.

On Twitter user said “Just saw the ‘standing only’ trial on the escalators at Holborn. Half the people are walking. Stickin’ it to the man: London style.” While another tweeted: “The hologram at Holborn is very cool. But I love the way everyone ignores and continues to walk up the escalator.” Another Twitter used posted: “Also: at Holborn – the experiment to make people stand on both sides of the escalator is blatantly not working.”

And Josh Daghir ‏said: “Current status at Holborn: no one following the new stand-on-both-sides initiative. Would’ve figured as much.” However, some welcomed the new system, which they said was serving its purpose. Kevin Mills ‏tweeted: “The sooner the rest of the underground follows #holborn the better. More efficient . So what if u lose 30 seconds chill out.”

And Alhoussein Fadiga ‏posted: “Holborn tube “only standing” escalators. Not bad as a system to get people through quicker.” A Transport for London spokeswoman said: “Today is only the first day of a six month trial. People were standing on both sides of the escalator at busy times. We will continue to monitor customer behaviour throughout the trial.”

Length is important on the Underground as standing on both sides of the escalator only improves capacity on escalator s longer than 18.4 meters. The Skibbereen Eagle predicts old habits die hard and passengers will continue to stand on the right and walk up escalators on the left.

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