Greece 2017: Cork to Kos

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Our Greek Odyssey is over for now but it was a blast.

Returning to Athens and Islands I first saw as a student in 1976 and to Kos and Kalymnos in the Dodecanese which Jo and I first visited in 1998 inspired by a reprt by Jill Dando about the “Real Greece” to be found on the Island of Kalymnos, formerly a centre for sponge fishing in the Mediterranean. We had bittersweet feelings going to Athens, KOS and Kalymnos – looking forward to seeing the Plain of Attica I Iast saw in 1976, KOS where my head is and Kalymnos where my heart is. Sad that although we  saw many good friends our great friend Bill (Vasilli) William Psaros was not be there to greet us. Bill was the key, the reason we kept going back, the reason we met people, the reason we came to understand Greece and the Greeks, the guy who gave us our love of Greece and the Greeks.

#DublinAirport at night from our hotel – our flight takes off @ 7.40 but that is not early – 19 planes take off before us after the night curfew. 28° and sunny in Athens seeing as you didn’t ask! — at Dublin Airport – Terminal 1.

The Odyssey begins #DublinAirport 75 flight departures before 9 — at Dublin Airport – Terminal 1.


The Plain of Attica #Athina #weareallgreeks — in Attica.

Even in #greece you can’t get away from the Great Europeans — in Piraeus, Greece.

The salad that says #greece — in Piraeus, Greece.

The Theatre & Central Square in Piraeus but at the moment mainly a building site for a new Metro station and a tram connection — in Piraeus, Greece.

Overflow at Piraeus Cathedral – Feast of St. Constantine the Great, the equal of the Apostles and his mother, Empress Saint Helena — in Piraeus, Greece.

I fear the Greeks when they come bearing Kebabs! #Gyros Timeo Danaos et Kebabos ferentes! — at Δημοτικό Θέατρο Πειραιά / Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.

Thanks to Martha’s Daddy I have my holiday reading sorted out. Did you know “Classic” comes from the Latin classicus who were the heavily armoured Roman Infantry. They were the best equipped and trained soldiers , the “First Class” who were always at the front of the Legion. — in Piraeus, Greece.

The birds of Piraeus — in Port of Piraeus.

Metro Station #piraeus — in Port of Piraeus.

Monastraki Athens “All great journeys begin with grilled cheese from Chios with tomato marmalade” David of Dunmanway MMXVII — at Monastiraki Square.

The Mitropolis – The Cathedral of Athens and the Mother Church of Greek Orthodoxy. This small church is all they were allowed to keep under the Venetian and Ottoman occupations and they have never replaced it in memory of those times and their martyred Patriarchs. — in Athens, Greece.

The Greek Parliament in Syntagma (Constitution) Square. In this City in 508 BC the citizens deposed a tyrant and decided they no longer wanted Auto Cratos (rule by one person) but Demos Cratos – rule by the people. They would all be ruled by laws they had openly debated and voted on and the majority would prevail. The first law of the Athenian Democracy said no Athenian Citizen could be tortured #weareallgreeks — in Syntagma Square.

A light tunnel on the Athens Metro #Athina — at Athens Metro Mall.

Traffic jam at Piraeus Harbour #piraeus — in Piraeus, Greece.

Overtaking a slower moving cruise ship #SilverSeas — in Port of Piraeus.

After 4 days traveling from #Cork and 11 hours at sea we arrive at the Island of Hippocrates to be greeted by a crowd of, what is that #Greek word, ZERO! #Kos #KosHarbour — in Kos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece.

Blossom, blue skies, palm trees, sea, yachts bobbing in the marina and the hill in the background is Turkey. The view from our lovely room after the warmest of welcomes from our dear friends at #continentalpalace Acclimatising rapidly! — at Continental Palace Hotel.

Too soon it will be time to say goodbye to the bravest, most resilient, most positive people I know the Greeks.  Our Greek Odyssey had seen us spend a night in Dublin, a night in Piraeus, two nights on a ferry, 9 nights with our friends at Continental Palace in #Kos and finally 2 night’s on the Athenian Riviera.

Next instalment – Our stay on Kos and onto Kalymnos.

We are visiting 5 islands, #KOS #Kalymnos #hydra #Poros #Aegina and  the Mother City of Athens, the city which gave us Democracy, the Rule of Law, Autonomia, Freedom, Philosophy and Drama – the foundation stone of Western Civilisation.

Yasso and Yammas!

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