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Marc Wadsworth’s expulsion from the Labour Party after a full hearing and due process has led to a clamour from the usual suspects who campaigned against the Labour Party for years for this “injustice” to be righted.

Save your energy because the mantle of martyrdom does not rest easily on the shoulders of this “Labour Supporter.”  Marc Wadsworth is an opportunist provocateur who only rejoined #Labour weeks before he was suspended. He has a long history with the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA) and elsewhere of provoking confrontation being ousted as chair of the ARA in 1994 by Socialist Action and Ken Livingstone who supported them. Marc is very popular with himself and with no false modesty describes himself as ” Citizen journalist, activist, editor, broadcaster, filmmaker, author, educator, public speaker, contemporary historian and talent and events manager.” A very busy chap (in his own words) is Marc.

An insight into Marc Wadsworth’s MO is given by somebody who worked with him:

“When I was working at Liberty we co-published a report with the Anti Racist Alliance of which Mark Wadsworth was Chair. I found him arrogant rude and aggressive and difficult to work with. After the death of Stephen Lawrence he deliberately organised a demonstration in central London to clash with a march against the BNP’s HQ near to where Stephen was killed (I went on the latter and came to work the next day with a massive bruise in my shoulder from a police baton). The ARA subsequently broke up in ultra left sectariana. I doubt if Mark has mellowed with age and I understand that he had only joined the Labour party a few weeks before he was suspended.”

Whatever about his history and actions outside the Labour Party from 2003 when he resigned his membership to May 2016 when he rejoined his actions at the launch of the Chakrabarti Inquiry report into allegations of anti-Semitism and racism in the Labour Party in June 2016 were a disgrace and he has been rightly expelled after due process under the Party Rulebook on two counts of bringing the Party into disrepute, not for charges of anti-Semitism as his supporters consistently misrepresent.

In response  to a question from Daily Telegraph journalist Kate McCann to Jeremy Corbyn about a “Momentum member” (Marc Wadsworth)  handing out a “leaflet”(from MBC – Momentum Black ConneXions) calling for the de-selection of anti-Corbyn MPs at the meeting Wadsworth accused Ruth Smeeth MP of  “working hand in hand” with the Right Wing Press. It is entirely symptomatic of Wadsworth’s arrogance and self obsession that after four weeks back in the party he felt entitled to heckle a Labour MP and as Smeeth herself said “it is beyond belief that someone could come to the launch of a report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and espouse such vile conspiracy theories about Jewish people, which were ironically highlighted as such in Ms Chakrabarti’s report.” Shami Chakrabarti, who chaired the meeting, claimed she had firmly told Wadsworth he had misused his opportunity to ask a question, and that Corbyn had agreed.

Ignore the crocodile tears from Left opportunists and the fake newsites like The Canary and Squawkbox, who do not share Labour’s Values, about Marc Wadsworth’s expulsion – he and they belong to the unelectable strand who would rather protest, cause confrontation and spend their energy attacking Labour MP’s rather than winning seats from our opponents. Ignore also George Galloway’s ‘lynch mob’ insinuation which is revolting even by the standards of previous vitriolic abuse he has leveled at the party he was expelled from in 2005.  The “lynch mob” were in fact 50 democratically elected representatives walking respectfully in quiet solidarity. They were not all elected, they also included 85 year old Lord Alfred Dubs, a former Labour MP who arrived in the UK as a six-year-old fleeing the Nazis.  Galloway and the other Wadsworth Primal Screamers are divisive opportunists would rather be permanently protesting rather than convince the electorate to trust and elect a Labour Government actually delivering progressive change rather than the hot air and bile which they generate.  

I wish Marc Wadsworth well and no doubt he will continue to do good work elsewhere but not in the broad church of a Democratic Socialist Labour Party winning elections and delivering real change.

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