Happy Ed Balls Day!

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Happy Ed Balls Day! Another Ed Balls Day draws to a close as a nation remembers one of its true heroes.  Who knew that five years ago, a Twitter fail would still be remembered. The 28th of April doesn’t just mark the birthdate of Olympic hero Sir Bradley Wiggins, nor is it just the Barbadian’s National Hero’s Day… For today marks the anniversary of one of the most bizarre internet meme’s of all time, Ed Balls Day.

And now Ed Balls and his family are joining in the celebrations.

It all started on 28 April 2011 when Ed Balls was shadow chancellor. He was urged by his aide to look on Twitter for articles mentioning his name, but instead of doing a simple search he tweeted his own name in error.

Since then on 28 April every year Twitter rejoices in the madness of the internet gaffe and marks Ed Balls Day.

As Ed Balls Day draws to a close, his wife MP Yvette Cooper has been urging him to join in.

Finally after thousands of tweets Ed Balls himself responded to his Twitter fans with a photo of a cake to mark the occasion. the ex Labour MP was determined to share the fun this year – by recreating the infamous tweet into a homemade cake. The impressive cake recreates the tweet in minute detail – and Mr Balls even painstakingly iced the number of retweets and likes it has received.

It is still unclear why Mr Balls chose to tweet his own name, or whether the tweet was sent in error. However, he has never deleted it from his account, allowing followers to bring it back year upon year.

Mr Balls proved earlier this year that his baking skills are a force to be reckoned with. He appeared on the Sport Relief celebrity version of the Great British Bake Off, alongside Samantha Cameron. Mr Balls made muffins on the BBC1 show, and followed up with a show-stopper cake shaped like a ski slope. Mr Balls appeared on the show alongside former Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, presenter Victoria Coren-Mitchell, football pundit Chris Kamara and last year’s winner Jennifer Saunders.

Although it was the beef pie in the technical round which was his downfall, Mr Balls almost pulled it back with his ‘show stopper’ cake, which had to be based on a sport. Mr Balls chose ski jumping and went the whole hog with his elaborate ski slope including a landing pad and a miniature jumper. He was pipped to the post by winner Kimberley, who created a Kilimanjaro cake which wowed judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

The former Morley and Outwood MP was arguably the highest profile member to lose their seat at last year’s general election. He lost his seat to the Conservative party candidate, Andrea Jenkyns.  Mr Balls is now the chairman of Norwich football club, Senior Fellow at Harvard University and visiting Professor at Kings College, London.

The hashtag #EdBallsDay has been the top trend in the UK and has been used over 26,000 times proving the enduring appeal of this icon of our times.


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