Jeremy Corbyn’s No Go Areas

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I’m no psychologist, but hurling abuse at people unpersuaded of Jeremy Corbyn’s magnificence doesn’t seem to have persuaded many of them to vote Labour. Just think what Labour could have done last night with a persuasive, respected, and, above all, courageous leader and then weep.

Below is the Thrasher projection for @SkyNews of what this would look like at a General election… similar Hung Parliament, with LibDems gaining some seats from Tories: The “Corbyn effect” is to increase votes in safe Labour seats in South East and not gain for Labour in the rest of UK. The respected election commentator Professor John Curtice suggests that the election result is exactly the same as the General Election last year, with two notable exceptions: Labour is slipping back further in Leave voting areas (Indicating further slippage of blue collar votes to the Tories in the North and Midlands), and the Lib Dems are doing better against the Tories.

Please don’t say this election was ‘just a failure of expectations management’. It was a failure, period. Labour has to regroup. Lesson One: with Govt on ropes on biggest issue of a generation – Brexit – oppose them relentlessly on that & don’t keep trying to change the subject. It is telling that up against an unpopular  divided minority Tory Government setting new benchmarks for stupidity and incompetence Labour did not achieve any great electoral traction. Even in the rotten and murderously incompetent Tory Toy Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which has 17 Tory Councillors standing down Labour could not unseat the Tories and punish them for Grenfell Tower and the truly disgraceful aftermath. Labour must now realise just how much they have alienated a large proportion of their voters and how a Party led from the nostalgic retro-Left by Corbyn and the sectarian Left he has surrounded himself with will never translate into the seats Labour needs to form a Government and actually deliver something other than hot air.

We know Corbyn will probably be in Plymouth today but not in the following No Go areas:

Kensington & Chelsea?







Amber Valley?

Castle Point?



These are all Tory Councils today and I have seen the sectarian Left / Momentum (which doesn’t have momentum and doesn’t represent the people) seriously describe “Working Class Tory voters” as “Vampires” today. It seems Stalinists, unlike Maoists (remember them?) are not big on self criticism. However the Momentum Hate Factory has made a real difference, alienating not just Jewish supporters but also their friends and traditional Labour supporters as amply demonstrated in Barnet. But of course this is just a “smear” according to them in between blaming Jeremy’s problems on a Jewish Conspiracy and describing supporters of Israel’s right to nationhood as “baby killers”, for we know babies are not killed in the Arab World and were not killed in Britain’s Colonial wars or famines or indeed in the US’s carpet bombing of Korea or Vietnam shortly after it hanged Nazis at Nuremburg for engaging in “aggressive war” against civilians.

Labour is paying the price today for deliberately misinterpreting last year’s General Election result. Today Labour people (aka the Momentum clique) are saying the media overhyped what their results were going to be but in fact the media were playing down Labour’s fortunes (roughly in line with what happened) and it was Labour activists themselves who were making very bold claims about sweeping the board in London, ending May’s premiership and the like. Today Owen Jones is claiming the wrong type of voters turned up (Older came out, young stayed at home) and the Stalinists of Momentum who have alienated centrist Labour supporters in their droves claim Labour didn’t win because voters don’t understand.

The next General Election is in 2022. Corbyn will then be 73. All the young people who were so attracted by his differences in 2017 will be five years older and moved on. Brexit will either have happened thanks to him or not (probably not thanks to him). Yesterday marked a halt to the Corbyn momentum. An effective oppositions should have made serious gains against this inept minority  Government.  Instead Labour was making modest gains in heartland areas, but not landing blows elsewhere. If there was a general election soon, the Tories would win. Labour needs a new plan and a new Leader.

Fact is Corbyn will never gain the trust of the country to head a Labour Government and opinions to the contrary are just self fulfilling delusions with NO evidence, electoral or otherwise, to support them.

Corbyn is the albatross around Labour’s neck. Making Labour unelectable and unlearning hard lessons already learned is the greatest possible betrayal of the Labour Movement and the Electorate. Jeremy Corbyn will never be PM and the sooner he resigns the better it will be for the whole country – especially the poor, the disadvantaged and everyday working people who need a Labour government .

Labour and the Country needs a Leader, not a protestor.

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