Corbynism is Dead.

Posted by The Skibbereen Eagle | December 17, 2019 0

I don’t for one moment doubt the passion and commitment of the diverse group of Labour supporters but bottom line is Labour losing four General Elections in a row and 8 of the last 11 GE’s does nothing to protect the NHS and nothing to protect working people.

I strongly believe nobody has ever “won an argument” by losing a General Election. Time and again voters have shown they are not interested in what they regard as hackneyed and irrelevant Left wing solutions which they regard as historically redundant and irrelevant to their lives.

Labour’s offering was not just unappealing to the electorate. Voters were repelled by it. Time after time candidates were told on the doorstep, “I have always been Labour but I can’t vote for you because of Jeremy Corbyn.” Never again should Labour candidates be put in the absurd position of having to reassure voters who had previously been Labour that it was safe to vote for them to be the local MP because the party nationally had no chance of winning.

Last week’s catastrophic election result was Labour’s worst performance since the 1930s. No amount of spin can even begin to deflect from the disaster of losing the fourth election in a row following a decade of damaging austerity by the governing party. By failing to win the trust of the British people, Labour has let down those who desperately need Labour in government – this includes the marginalised, the vulnerable and the poorest in our society.

No ‘what a great manifesto’ (it was delusional nonsense), no ‘it was Brexit’ (it wasn’t), no ‘Long-Bailey, a better Corbyn.’ We need a leader totally uncontaminated by Corbynism. Corbyn’s legacy is disaster, defeat, anti-Semitism, Brexit, and the loss of the north to Labour. Saying “f*** off and join the Tories”, “neoliberal” or “Blairite scum” to people who want an end to a Tory government (but who have been critical of Corbyn) and still refusing to admit mistakes is diametrically opposite to reaching out to the people you need to win an election. The Tories only increased their votes by 300,000. Labour lost 2.5m votes. This wasn’t a landslide victory for the Tories, it was a landslide defeat for Labour.

You don’t  win elections  by promoting delusional nonsense of  “4 Day weeks”, an uncosted bribe to WASPI women many of whom are already well off, or mass nationalisations, the ideological nonsense killed off by Harold Wilson in the 1960’s. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, voters simply did not believe or trust this Xmas Wish List Manifesto. It is not just the amount of spending, it is how it is spent and if voters trust those spending it. You need a coherent well argued platform clearly bringing the electorate with you, not rabbits out of a hat at bewildering speed in an election season. If you are talking about infrastructure, public services, addressing regional imbalances, productivity and competitiveness these are 15 year programmes. Voters are rightly wary of sound bite promises which will accumulate debt when they are not convinced the structures and political will exists to invest effectively.

Corbynism will never win an election in England. It is doomed and it is wrong. We have got to end it decisively and for good. Labour has only EVER won from the centre and without winning it delivers only hot air and gives the Tories the political headroom to go on the rampage which is why the NHS has spent many more years under the Tories than it has under Labour. Passion and commitment are not enough, people here need to deal with reality and Labour needs to get back to winning the trust of the country and winning elections. We are not a social club or a group therapy session. The Labour Party was founded and exists to obtain political power on behalf of those who sell their labour. The clue is in the name.

For myself I am not a splitter or a quitter. I have only ever been Labour and voted Labour but you know you can’t take the electorate for granted and expect votes as of right? Until Labour breaks with Corbynism, not just Corbyn, it won’t be electable or credibly socialist.

Corbynism is Dead. Let us have the grace to put it down humanely and avoid a lingering smell.

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