Bike rage in London

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Driving in Central London can be a hazardous occupation, particularly if you experience Bike rage. There are many on the road who drive badly and the selfishness and self obsession that they have in their own lives spills over even though they are sharing public space.

So there is “Company Car Man” who no matter the conditions or the congestion must be at point B at an appointed time. There are the obsessed Mum’s in their Chelsea Tractors who cut you up because Lucy will be sliced into 100 pieces by an axe murderer if mummy is 5 minutes late. And there are those who because of their aggressive mental state, with or without chemicals or intoxication, should not be let out on the road. And too often driving their lethal weapon on London’s clogged roads that aggression is taken out on people they perceive to be weaker, cyclists or disabled people.

The BBC’s new Crimewatch presenter Jeremy Vine is being urged to report a driver to police after posting video on Facebook of an alleged “road rage” incident he was involved in. The keen cyclist was on his bike in a narrow road in Kensington, west London, when footage shot on his helmet camera shows an unknown driver coming up behind and tail-gating him.


Vine, who said he was concerned the black Vauxhall was too close, is shown slowing down and then stopped before the furious driver jumped out to shout at him. She is filmed saying “why did you do that?” before telling him to move and “get the f*** out of the road”. Vine says the woman then started kicking out, although this is unclear in the footage. The furious motorist gets back into her vehicle and speeds off, missing crashing into a parked car by inches. But 30 seconds later she leaps out of her car again and charges over towards the presenter and shouts: “I’m going to knock you out.”

In his Facebook post, Vine, who starts his Crimewatch role next month, wrote: “I hate to overload our hard-working London police with footage from my commute, but I feel the person you see on the tape will at some point hurt someone very badly – either with her car or in a direct personal assault. See what you think.”

Vine then received dozens of comments from users urging him to go to police about Friday’s incident. Rachel Staley said: “So sorry you had to go through this Jeremy. Reporting to the police is the best thing to do and I hope that she is prosecuted.” Philippa Murphy added: “I had a similar experience only I was a passenger in my mum’s car when a guy behind in a car bumped the back of because took a little extra time to decide where we were going. He hurled abuse at us and tail gated us from Westcliff to Southend.”

Vine, who commutes by bike from his home in Chiswick to the Radio 2 studios in Oxford Circus, is an outspoken supporter of cycle safety and critic of the death toll on the roads. Last year, he admitted filming bad drivers with cameras on the front and back of his bike and sending the footage onto police, adding: “I think a camera is safer than a cycle helmet.” In March he pictured a biker cycling through London on a “Boris Bike” without wearing a helmet.

Vine started the filming after being knocked off his bike by a car in January 2014. The case went to court and the driver was fined £3,200. Vine has also previously spoken about being “outraged” at the number of cyclists who have been killed in the capital. Vine has declined to comment further on the incident, saying he was leaving it to the Met Police.

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