Labour Party Anti-Semitism Failure

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So Labour will now go after a Jewish MP, whose family died in the Holocaust, for highlighting Anti-Semitism in Labour at the highest levels.

This is a total and utter disgrace. Margaret Hodge has been a magnificent, fearless and convincing ambassador for Labour, warning about public concern about immigration long before her party; changing BNP supporters’ minds by listening to them and changing minds, not sneering at voters fears. Her services to the Labour party, to Parliament, and to anti-racism, are greater than those of almost any person alive, including taking on the BNP in Barking.

After adopting a partial definition of anti Semitism in a way that has insulted the Jewish community they are now proposing “action” against the MP who complains about it. How revealing is this about the mentality of Corbyn and his Momentum Supporters? Corbyn’s response –  to tell his puppet Jennie Formby to rewrite the definition – and to deny the NEC a vote on it. If this was UKIP we would be up in arms. All but 4 Labour MPs and nearly 70 esteemed rabbis from across the entire spectrum of UK Jewry told him what to do but no. He wants to give cover to anti-Semites.

In a joint statement, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Board of Deputies and the Community Security Trust called Labour’s promise of further consultation an “insult”.  “The decision taken by the NEC today to adopt a watered-down definition of anti-Semitism will be regarded with a mixture of incredulity and outrage by the overwhelming majority of the UK’s Jews,” they said. “This is a sad day for the cause of anti-racism in this country. Labour, for so long a Party that put equality and inclusion at the centre of its values, has decided to claim that it understands anti-Semitism better than the victims of this vile prejudice and to set its face against the clear views of the Jewish community.

They called Labour’s code on anti-Semitism “self-serving” and “a weaker, flawed definition whose main purpose seems to be to protect those who are part of the problem”. They concluded: “(Labour’s) failure to consult with the Jewish community until now is a betrayal of basic anti-racist principles. On its current trajectory, Labour is failing British Jews and it is failing as an anti-racist party.”

“Reacting to the news that the Labour Party have not adopted the full IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said:

“This definition of anti-Semitism has been adopted by the police, the crown prosecution service, local authorities and 31 national governments – ours included. It is also the accepted definition by the mainstream Jewish community. Why therefore does a mainstream political party tarnished with three years of anti-Semitic incident after incident feel they know better?

Simply, if the fight to eradicate anti-Semitism is to be taken seriously, then the IHRA definition should be adopted by the Labour Party in its entirety.”

Read here:”

Labour MPs on Monday passed a motion, tabled by Luciana Berger and Alex Sobel, demanding that the party dump its code of conduct proposals. Deputy leader Tom Watson was among several NEC members who argued to overturn the proposals approved by a sub-committee earlier this month. But chair Andy Kerr refused to allow a vote and in a bid to defuse the row it was agreed that more consultation was needed and Jewish groups should be approached over the summer.

One source said that Momentum founder and NEC member Jon Lansman told the meeting: “The entire Jewish community, left and right, are against on this. We need to involve them more.” During the tense meeting, Watson was joined by fellow MPs George Howarth, Shabana Mahmood and Margaret Beckett, as well as Unison’s rep Keith Birch. Watson had told the meeting: “Are we serious about winning a general election? Are we serious about dealing with anti-Semitism? If so we need to grip this issue and close it down… the people who will judge us on this are the Jewish community and rightly so”.

Beckett said: “The Jewish community has lost trust in the party. We need to act. It is not the NEC that needs to be convinced we’re doing the right thing. It’s the Jewish community.”

Corbyn has also ignored the rally outside Parliament in March this year by the Jewish Community and  the open letter delivered to the Labour PLP meeting whic read:” “We’ve had enough of hearing Jeremy Corbyn ‘opposes anti-Semitism’, whilst the mainstream majority of British Jews, and their concerns, are ignored by him and those he leads.” It also accused Mr Corbyn of allowing a climate in which “mainstream Jewish communities are believed to be a hostile entity, a class enemy.”

This self inflicted Labour wound shows what a muddle of a party leadership Corbyn is presiding over, his obvious lack of leadership ability and lack of clear thinking. It also shines a light on the fact he has allowed some very unpleasant people to infiltrate the party on his watch. It’s these people who are dragging the party into the gutter and making it unelectable.

Once again Corbyn who has spent a week being silent on Brexit has not lost an opportunity to lose an opportunity.

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