The Luck of The Donald

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The unPresidential Donald the Unready appears not to have the luck of the Irish on his side having wound up the Green and Friendly People in the run up to their National Festival of St. Patrick’s Day.

Not only has he put a four leaf clover rather than a Shamrock  on the back of his made in China hats but the Republican Party has compounded matters by referring to the Feast of one of Ireland’s Patron Saints (The Patroness is St. Brigid of Kildare) as “St. Patty’s Day” a designation so meaningless in an American way that it makes Irish people simply wretch. How lazy do you have to be not to say “St. Patrick’s?”

With St Patrick’s Day fast approaching, can you tell your clovers apart? US President Donald Trump’s Irish spin on his signature “Make America Great Again” hat has caught the internet’s attention… for sporting the wrong clover. The Donald J Trump online shop is selling the “Official Make America Great Again Green Hat” ahead of St Patrick’s Day on 17 March. The description for the hat says it has an “embroidered four-leaf clover” on the back.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out that an Irish shamrock, used as a symbol for St Patrick’s Day, is in fact a three-leaf clover. A shamrock is a young sprig of clover and it is said that Saint Patrick used shamrocks to illustrate the Holy Trinity, the strangest of Christian beliefs that there is only One God but he comes in three parts and one of those parts is his son? Try telling that one to your local Rabbi?  Anyway back to the Shamrock which has come to be associated with St Patrick’s day. Four-leaf clovers are said to bring good luck and are rarer in abundance.

A US-based marketing strategist called out the error by illustrating the difference between a shamrock and a four-leaf clover. She added: “Don’t mess it up, #marketing geeks, for #StPatricksDay.” One user said the mishap made the president “culturally clueless”. Another dubbed it a scandal, using the hashtag #shamrockgate.

Others were quick to point out another issue, pertaining to a GOP tweet promoting the hat: “Need a #MAGA hat for St. Patty’s Day?” This did not appear to sit well with many social media users, particularly the Irish.  Sorry to have to explain this but for those not paying close attention #MAGA is the risible slogan “Make American Great Again” because the richest, greediest, most violent, most imprisoned developed Nation is seemingly feeling a tad insecure that it is not greedier, richer and more violent.

“It’s Paddy’s not Patty’s…Saint Patrick wasn’t a burger #PaddyMeat,” another user continued. Another Dublin-based communications professional added: “St. Patty, great guy, used the four leaf clover to explain God as the father, son, holy spirit and America. Trust me, I know.”

Now the Irish lining Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower in New York for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a Parade older than the United States will not be impressed if the “wearing of the Green” includes a green Trump hat for two reasons.

Firstly they won’t be impressed that you have spent $50 on this bit of offensive Chinese made tat and secondly  they are probably a lot more worried about the plight of the 50,000 plus undocumented Irish in the US and the effect of Trump’s stupid protectionist policies on Irish jobs and trade.

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