Ireland of the Skinny Dippers

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Women gathered in the glorious Wicklow sunshine yesterday afternoon and managed to raise hundreds of thousands of euro for charity and set a new Guinness World Record for a skinny dip in the process.

Over 2,500 women have stripped off and broken the world record for the largest mass skinny dip. A total of 2,505 women of all ages flocked to a Meaghermore beach in County Wicklow, Ireland on Saturday to take part in the record bid. The dip was in aid of Irish cancer charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. Many of those who took part in the event were cancer survivors. The attempt raised over 275,000 euros (£241,873) for the charity. The previous record was held by skinny dippers in Perth, Australia, where 786 people taking a nude dip in the ocean.

Organiser Dee Featherstone set up the event which is now in its sixth year. She said: “I thought we might get 1,500 but it just got bigger and bigger. The whole beach was just awash with us – it was just incredible. Half the people who were there either had cancer or were affected by cancer or were supporting somebody or remembering someone who had cancer – every woman had their own little story of why they did it. “It’s basically giving a big ‘feck you’ to cancer. For those who have cancer, they’re taking ownership of their bodies again. A lot of women said that the experience really changed their lives. One woman told me that her husband hadn’t seen her naked in years. After the skinny dip she just walks around the house naked now.” Ms Featherstone said before the event.

The organisers said in a statement: “There are a lot of women undertaking this who have been through cancer and of course lots of people who have been affected by it.

“Dee would like to send a message that there is life after cancer and also raising awareness of how important it is for ladies to get checked.  It has been a magical day for all involved and a closed format… So only ladies were allowed.”

According to reports, the sea temperature at the time, was 12C.

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