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The biggest ever street performance of Steve Earle’s “Galway Girl” took place on June 11th, 2016 in Galway, Ireland.  A record breaking number of over 15,000 people came along to take part in the performance.  Sharon Shannon, Mundy, We Banjo 3, Amazing Apples, Roisin Seoighe, Lackagh Comhaltas, Galway Rose Rosie Burke and thousands of other artists and supporters were among them.Galway docks

If you’ve ever wondered what 15,000 people single Galway Girl looks like then your search is now over. The video below shows just that as the people of Galway came together to promote the city’s bid to be crowned Europe’s Capital of Culture 2020. The performance was led by Mundy, Sharon Shannon and others with the festivities recorded by Kamil Films. The event took place three weeks ago but the video has just premiered.


The festivities were captured by Kamil Films and edited into a brilliant package. The event was organised by Galway-based filmmaker Kamil Krolak, who’s well known for his previous viral films ‘Galway is Happy’ and ‘Fifty People One Question’. Thousands of people thronged Shop Street at lunchtime as Sharon Shannon and Mundy led the crowd in a rousing rendition of the popular song, written by Steve Earle.

The top of Shop Street was a captivating scene for those passing by who stopped to join the sea of Galway bunting, flags and jerseys moving, dancing and singing with the music. It’s hoped that the footage will be turned into another unique viral video promoting the vibrant and welcoming nature of Galway City and its people. Film-maker Kamil Krolak says the turnout was everything he had hoped for and more – he says that he’s hoping for the video to bring Galway to every corner of the earth.


Galway has a hard won reputation as Ireland’s party town with a young population in this University City and many incomers attracted by its relaxed West of Ireland and the lovely scenery and coastline of Connemara on the doorstep. It has long been a musical hotbed with music on street corners and wafting from its many pubs. Many visitors are attracted to its fleadhs and the Art Festival and judging by the Galway Girl video it still has a spring in its step!



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