Free the All American Murderers?

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A “disgusting” online fundraiser for murderers Molly and Thomas Martens has sparked a furious backlash. Ms Martens and her father were convicted on Wednesday of the second degree murder of her husband, Irish businessman Jason Corbett. The fundraiser has a $300,000 target but has so far collected less than $7,000.

Davidson County Court, North Carolina,  heard that Molly (33) and retired-FBI agent Tom (67) beat the Limerick man’s head with a metal baseball bat and a brick at his Panther Creek home in 2015. His skull was so badly damaged that the pathologist was unable to determine how many times he had been hit but she said it was at least 12. The pair’s legal team have already said that they are planning to appeal the verdict. 

The appeal has the heading  “Right the Wrong, Help Molly & Tom” and says it is a “Fundraising campaign by Mona Earnest”

Both police and prosecutors testified in Court were deeply concerned over “indicators” the tragic events in the master bedroom early that morning may not have been from an impromptu confrontation that tragically escalated out of control. These included:

  • The presence of the powerful sedative trazodone in Mr Corbett’s system, a medication which was prescribed to his wife just two days beforehand.
  • The unexpected visit to the Corbett home of Martens-Corbett’s parents on August 1, and the fact up to half a dozen calls were received by the elderly couple from their daughter while en route from Knoxville that night.
  • The fact Martens-Corbett inexplicably kept a brick on her nightstand table.
  • The presence of a large impact blood spatter on the quilt and underneath the box mattress, indicating Mr Corbett may have been asleep in bed when first struck.
  • The fact Martens brought a metal Louisville Slugger baseball bat to the Corbett home on August 1. It was, he said, a present for Jack Corbett, then aged 10, but he never gave it to the boy that night.


Assistant District Attorney Greg Brown said the evidence “clearly suggested” both the father and daughter waited until Mr Corbett died before calling 911 – and then engaged in a shocking “fake” CPR effort while a 911 operator listened on the phone line. Mr Frank from the DA’s office said the prosecution took nothing for granted in the complex case, which hinged on circumstantial evidence.

These two vicious murderers were convincingly found guilty by a jury of their peers based on overwhelming and repulsive evidence of a vicious hate filled murder of Jason Corbett which left his skull shattered. There was NO evidence whatsoever produced in Court to justify the assertion on the “Go Get Funding.Com”  site that they acted in self defence, no injuries on the accused, no DNA, nothing, zilch and Molly Martens had to be restrained by the arresting officers from scratching the side of her neck to pretend there was a struggle. This was a vicious murder which left two young children, Jack and Sarah, orphaned and the jury came to its unanimous decision after Molly Martens refused to give evidence in her own defence. Innocence always pleads to be heard and she was entirely mute. There was simply NO EVIDENCE of the “years of mental abuse and torment” the Fundraising page refers to and the jury made entirely clear in its verdict that they accepted the evidence that Jason Corbett was viciously assaulted by Molly Martens in his sleep – there was NO struggle and the twisted version on the GoGetFunding site, after a trial and full examination of the evidence, is absolute fantasy.

Mona Earnest, who is Thomas Martens sister-in-law,   should be thoroughly ashamed of herself in making these smears which were convincingly refuted during a criminal trial. The evidence points to Molly Martens being an amoral airhead with an eye for the main chance who did nothing with her top class University degree except work as a waitress and her father an equally amoral control freak who thought he was above the law. God knows what abuses he got away with during his FBI career with his evil controlling mindset?

The jury took less than an hour to return their verdict because the evidence of the trial was so overwhelming. This must be the scummiest fundraising campaign in defence of vicious convicted murderers who bludgeoned a defenceless sleeping man to death and orphaned two innocent children.

The people behind the “Right the Wrong, Help Molly & Tom” appeal have no concept of shame and no moral compass. A bit like the two vicious murderers?

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