Dublin of the Millionaires

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Dublin of the Millionaires may be new title of Ireland’s capital city as the divide between the “Haves” and the “Have not’s” in post Celtic Tiger Ireland continues to widen.

Dublin has been ranked 10th on the list of European cities with most millionaires per capita, with one in 40 people living in the city a millionaire, according to a new survey. It means there are almost 32,000 millionaires knocking around the capital. dublindrug

toysThe survey found Monaco has the highest percentage of high-net-worth individuals, with almost one in three inhabitants classed as a millionaire. Swiss banking centres Zurich and Geneva came second and third in the rankings. The survey findings, revealed by Spear’s magazine and WealthInsight, show London has moved up in the rankings to fifth overall, with one in 29 inhabitants named as millionaires. Edinburgh has the UK’s second-highest density of millionaires, with one in sixty seven inhabitants deemed to be a millionaire.

Head of WealthInsight Oliver Williams said Dublin has a higher density of millionaires than many other European capitals, including Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Moscow. “Most of these have earned their wealth from Dublin’s burgeoning tech scene, which has attracted talent from both Europe and the US.”richlist

He said Monaco continues to add more millionaires per head of its population than anywhere else, and has seen its density go up by 6 per cent since the last ranking two years ago. “London’s financial strength has also seen it rise through the rankings: it now boasts more millionaires per head than Frankfurt despite being the second most populous city on the list after New York,” he added.

WealthInsight defines a millionaire as an individual with net assets of $1 million or more, excluding their primary residence. During the Celtic Tiger years there was a sense that everyone was flush. But looking around the capital now, it’s a tale of two cities. You’re loaded or you’re broke. You’re on the way up or you’re on the way down. Ireland, and Dublin of the Millionaires is more divided than ever.


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