General Michael Collins

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  Béal na mBláth is one of the most portentous sites in Irish history. It was here 95 years ago on this day on 22 August 1922 that General Michael Collins, commander-in-chief of the Irish army was ambushed and killed. The annual commemoration takes place each year on the Sunday closest to August 22nd. He […]

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Irish War Hero Dr. Aidan MacCarthy

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Prince Harry formally named a new medical centre in Britain in honour of Irish Second World War hero Dr Aidan MacCarthy. Born in Castletownbere, West Cork in 1913, Aidan MacCarthy graduated in medicine from University College Cork before travelling to London in 1938 in search of adventure and work  – a year before Britain declared […]

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Constance Markievicz, the first female MP

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On this day 90 years ago in Dublin a most remarkable women died, a Revolutionary, a Suffragette and a military commander, the First Female Member of Parliament and the first female minister in a Western Government. On the 16th December 1918 Constance Georgine Markievicz, Countess Markievicz, was declared elected to the British House of Commons as […]

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Remember the bravery of Liu Xiaobo

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Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, who was China’s most prominent human rights and democracy advocate, has died aged 61. The activist had been serving an 11-year prison term for “subversion” and was recently moved to a hospital for treatment for terminal liver cancer. When Liu Xiaobo was formally awarded his Nobel Peace prize in 2010, he […]

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Farewell to Paddington Bear’s Creator

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  Farewell to Michael Bond who created a marmalade-loving bear from “deepest, darkest Peru” who comes to live in London. A character whose enthusiasm and optimism has given pleasure to millions across the generations. Let’s raise a glass (and a marmalade sandwich) to him. As well as Paddington, he also created characters including Olga da […]

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Don Rickles final insult

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Farewell to Don Rickles, one of the great comedians who insulted his audiences and liked to be heckled. He died on Thursday 90 years young. American stand-up comedian Don Rickles has died at his home in Los Angeles of kidney failure aged 90, the performer’s publicist Paul Shefrin has announced. Rickles – renowned for quick-fire […]

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Campaigner Darcus Howe dies

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Farewell to Darcus Howe one of the Mangrove Nine.  He was a brave & fearless campaigner against racism, Police violence & corruption and one of the many strong and honest voices to spring from Trinidad. His campaigning for Civil Rights frequently led him to protest against the racism and corruption of the police in their […]

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Long Live Freedom!

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  Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst were guillotined by the Nazis in Munich 74 years ago today for bravely opposing the Fascist Tyranny. Named after a Spanish novel (Rosa Blanco). The Group coordinated efforts on Campus for Civil Rights and Opposition to Nazi policies. Among their efforts on campus were weekly discussion groups, […]

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The murder of Patrice Lumumba

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  56 years ago, the first democratically elected leader of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba, was assassinated on the orders of Belgium and the United States. Lumumba’s pan-Africanism and his vision of a united Congo gained him many enemies. Both Belgium and the United States actively sought to have him killed. The CIA ordered his assassination […]

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Lord Snowdon

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Farewell to Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon and son of Anne Messel (later Anne Parsons, Countess of Rosse) of Birr Castle, Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland who with John Betjeman was a founder of the Victorian Society. A Polio victim in his youth, among his many other accomplishments he was a fearless campaigner for the […]

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The Eagle On London

Green Lanes on The Tube

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Trivago’s Tube takeover

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The Tube is not a Cafe

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No Ladies and Gentlemen on The Tube

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The Eagle on Ireland

Taste of West Cork 2017

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Barry Cowen’s Builder’s Bum

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Cape Clear Storytelling Festival

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Happy Centennial JFK

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