Going Down the Tube

Posted on Oct 16, 2009 in London | Comments Off on Going Down the Tube

A Tube worker has been caught on camera abusing an elderly passenger, calling him a “jumped- up little git”. The employee lost his temper when the man politely complained about getting his arm stuck in a door for several seconds as he tried to leave a train. Mayor Boris Johnson said he was appalled by […]

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Mail Rail – The Last Post?

Posted on Oct 2, 2009 in London | Comments Off on Mail Rail – The Last Post?

It may well be the Last Post next year for London’s unique other underground which was closed and mothballed in 2003. The Post Office Railway, also known as Mail Rail, was a narrow gauge driverless private underground railway in London built by the Post Office to move mail between sorting offices. This 2 foot gauge […]

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Der Untergrund

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Click on map for a larger view Die Linien, Bahnhöfe und Zonen von London Underground, London Overground und Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Als Klassiker des Designs macht die U-Bahn-Karte das Fahren im Londoner U-Bahn-Netz denkbar einfach. Diese übersichtliche Karte enthält einen Schlüssel zu allen eingezeichneten Stationen sowie die 6 Gebührenzonen. CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE

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Euston Arch

Posted on Sep 23, 2009 in Architecture | Comments Off on Euston Arch

According to the London Evening Standard a nightclub and banqueting hall are to be built inside a reconstructed Victorian monument at Euston station under plans announced today. The Euston Arch stood in front of the station from 1838 until it was demolished by modernist town planners in 1962. Built at Euston Grove, the station was […]

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Remember Sean Rigg

Posted on Aug 17, 2009 in London | Comments Off on Remember Sean Rigg

Friday 21 August – assemble 5.30pm Junction of Fairmount Road and Brixton Hill, Brixton, London Rally at Brixton Police Station, SW9 7DD – Candlelight vigil On 21 August 2008, at approximately 7.30pm, Sean Rigg was arrested and restrained by four Brixton police officers, placed in a van and driven to Brixton police station. Within approximately […]

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Trocadero; the rotten heart of London

Posted on Aug 11, 2009 in Architecture | one comment

Trocadero Centre; It looks a lot better at night and from a distance! Visitors to London invariably gravitate using some secret magnet to the bustle of Piccadilly Circus and gaze in admiration at “Eros”, actually meant to represent the winged angel of Christian charity in honour of the Victorian reformer and Philanthropist, Ashley Cooper later […]

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London 7/7 Bombings Memorial

Posted on Jul 7, 2009 in London | Comments Off on London 7/7 Bombings Memorial

Tributes have been paid to the victims of the 7 July 2005 London bombings, at the unveiling of a permanent memorial in Hyde Park by Prince Charles today. The £1 million London Bombing Memorial is made up of 52 stainless steel pillars, each representing one of the victims. Fifty-two people died after suicide bombers detonated […]

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Tunnel vision

Posted on Jun 26, 2009 in London | Comments Off on Tunnel vision

In ancient Rome when the mob was getting anxious the nervous Emperor in his great palace on the Palatine Hill would lay on “Bread and Circuses” to placate the mob and stave off riots which might threaten his throne. So free food would be given out to the poor and bloody gladiatorial gore-fests would be […]

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Gone Upstairs

Posted on Jun 13, 2009 in London | Comments Off on Gone Upstairs

No. 36 Nightbus There is a standing hoary old Londoner’s joke about a skeleton being found on a Circle line train and being handed in at the Lost Property Office in Baker Street. The “joke” being that he had a heart attack and was just left circling London. This of course never happened and there […]

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Tube Strike; The Reviews

Posted on Jun 11, 2009 in London | Comments Off on Tube Strike; The Reviews

Bob Crow of the RMT Well the two day RMT Strike which brought misery and inconvenience to millions of Londoners and visitors to the capital is over and the “reviews” are in. Inconvenience it certainly brought to those who work in the capital but it brought misery to the elderly, the disabled and those who […]

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The Eagle On London

Good old Guy Fawkes!

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Tube Tunes

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Schools to Prison on the Tube

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Happy Birthday Karl Marx

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The Eagle on Ireland

In Darkest Midwinter

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The murder of Canon Magner

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The Boys of Kilmichael

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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