Remembering London 7/7 Bombings

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  Twelve  years ago on this day the London 7/7 Bombings brought death and carnage to London’s transport system on the day after the capital had celebrated winning the 2012 Olympics. The attacks by four suicide bombers on the London Transport system on 7th July 2005 were the largest mass murder in Britain in peacetime killing […]

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Farewell to Paddington Bear’s Creator

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  Farewell to Michael Bond who created a marmalade-loving bear from “deepest, darkest Peru” who comes to live in London. A character whose enthusiasm and optimism has given pleasure to millions across the generations. Let’s raise a glass (and a marmalade sandwich) to him. As well as Paddington, he also created characters including Olga da […]

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Tragedy in Kensington

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Terrible news today from Kensington in West London. How have Boris Johnson’s reckless cuts to the Fire Service in London and Kensington & Chelsea Council ignoring resident’s concerns on the refurbishment raised by the Grenfell Action Group contributed to this third world tragedy? Residents were trapped “screaming for their lives” as flames raged through a […]

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Campaigner Darcus Howe dies

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Farewell to Darcus Howe one of the Mangrove Nine.  He was a brave & fearless campaigner against racism, Police violence & corruption and one of the many strong and honest voices to spring from Trinidad. His campaigning for Civil Rights frequently led him to protest against the racism and corruption of the police in their […]

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George Osborne the influence peddler

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Ah, the “independent” Media of the UK, now there is a thing, with the astonishing news one George Osborne is now Editor of the London Evening Standard.  George Osborne who is an MP, earns £750k + per annum from “speeches”, £650k for 4 days a month at Blackrock, a vulture fund, is an heir to […]

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Seven Sisters at Seven Sisters

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Don’t you like it when something feels just right. Ben Patey, 33, was travelling home from work when he captured a snap of seven nuns on a train platform, at Seven Sisters London Underground station. He said: “I had just had a long day and I was waiting to jump on the train when I […]

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Britain’s rudest address?

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A house with what has been described as the “rudest address in Britain” has been put up for sale. Potential buyers may need a decent sense of humour if they are to move into the three-bedroom property at 69 Cock Lane in Fetcham, Surrey. The semi-detached house has gone on the market with estate agent […]

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Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

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  Happy Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster. The new year has begun and will last until Feb 15, 2018. The new year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. The festivities usually start the day before […]

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Apple ringtone on the Tube

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Filmed entirely in central London and featuring actual footage shot on the London Underground, Rainer Hersch’s new Apple® Ringtones Rag Video is a real cracker! Rainer Hersch is a British conductor, actor, writer and comedian, best known for comic takes on classical music. One of his most notable recent creations? A symphony-worthy compilation of iPhone-inspired […]

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Welcome to Webminster

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Londoners were left puzzled after Tube station Westminster appeared to be renamed Webminster overnight in a PR stunt. Amazon replaced Tube signs with a new name to advertise the launch of a new London internet service to help businesses. Scores of confused London Underground passengers noticed the swapped signs and questioned what was going on […]

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The Eagle On London

Happy Birthday Karl Marx

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Millicent Fawcett

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Labour anti-Semitism – the morning after

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Jeremy’s Jewish Question

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The Eagle on Ireland

The Poppy stands for Peace

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Skibbereen’s Champions of the World

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Arise ye Citizens of Ireland!

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Wish you were here at Heuston Station

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