London’s Other Underground

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Old fashioned electric Automatic Train Beautiful Diesel Truck Deep down beneath the choked streets of London was a railway which once ran busily for nineteen hours a day. It carried no passengers and its trains had no drivers or guards. Yet this seemingly strange system was one of the most successful railways in the world. […]

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Do you take this Tube?

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The BBC has reported that an environmentally-friendly couple in London have had a green wedding by travelling to their ceremony by Tube. Stefanie Schmiedel, Robert Gray and their wedding guests went from Dollis Hill underground station in north-west London to Marylebone register office. “We thought about going on our bikes but this was a compromise,” […]

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The Clockwork Orange

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Buchanan St. and Glasgow Queen Street Mainline Rail SPT Car Logo This “Clockwork Orange” is not Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 movie based on Anthony Burgess’s novel featuring Alex, Droids and ultra violence. Rather, this “Clockwork Orange” is the affectionate name for Glasgow’s perfectly formed circular subway, so called from the orange livery and seating which carries […]

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Hermann is finally blown up!

Posted on Jun 11, 2008 in London Wunderground | Comments Off on Hermann is finally blown up!

“Vas iz Dis?” An unexploded World War II bomb that forced the closure of transport links in East London was detonated on the 6th June 2008, an event recorded by a remote camera. The Large UXB device – a Hermann bomb was found on the Stratford – Bow borders by a digger clearing a site […]

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Poems on the Underground

Posted on Jun 3, 2008 in London Wunderground | Comments Off on Poems on the Underground

One of the most satisfying moments on a crowded Tube Train is when suddenly you stop thinking of the Aussie controlled haversack banging into you every time its owner moves or the blast of sound from the zombie commuter with the ridiculous headphones unconscious of your presence. Between the strap hangers your eyes alight on […]

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Circle line Party?

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BoJos at Westminster Station The capital’s underground network returned to normality following chaotic scenes caused by revellers partying on the Tube ahead of a midnight booze ban which came into effect on the 1st June 2008. Police made a total of 17 arrests during the evening and were forced to close six stations on the […]

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Give my regards to 55, Broadway.

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Art Deco flourished through the 20s and 30s, popularised by the Paris Exhibition of 1925 and was applied to all forms including architecture. Influences included Cubism (with zigzags and geometricals), Ancient Egypt (following the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter and Lord Carnaervon in 1922) and Aztec & Mayan art (from South […]

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The Great Circle Line Journey

Posted on Jan 10, 2008 in latest | 6 comments

Off we go! Saturday 10th June 1863 – actually a test run with VIP’s in August 1862 and the working railway never operated with open cars Baker Street Circle Line Platforms – The vents were to dissipate steam from the locomotives Circle Line Steam Locomotive One of the world’s Great Rail Journeys begins on Platform 16 at […]

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East London Line.

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There has been some disquiet in London at the impending closure of the second oldest “Tube” line, The East London Line on the 22nd December 2007 until 2010. Part of this disquiet relates to the Line being more widely used with its connection to the extended Jubilee Line at Canada Water as well as its […]

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Mind the Gap

Posted on Nov 29, 2007 in London Wunderground | 31 comments

For a London Underground commuter there is probably nothing more grating than young visitors on the Tube endlessly repeating “Mind the Gap” in a loud voice to their friends as if it was the funniest expression on the planet. Still in more considered moments it is a sign that this expression has now gained a […]

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The Eagle On London

Schools to Prison on the Tube

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Happy Birthday Karl Marx

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Millicent Fawcett

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Labour anti-Semitism – the morning after

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The Eagle on Ireland

The Longest Day

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Bloomsday 2019

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My Old Man

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An Irish song for May Day!

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