Seven Sisters at Seven Sisters

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Don’t you like it when something feels just right. Ben Patey, 33, was travelling home from work when he captured a snap of seven nuns on a train platform, at Seven Sisters London Underground station. He said: “I had just had a long day and I was waiting to jump on the train when I […]

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Apple ringtone on the Tube

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Filmed entirely in central London and featuring actual footage shot on the London Underground, Rainer Hersch’s new Apple® Ringtones Rag Video is a real cracker! Rainer Hersch is a British conductor, actor, writer and comedian, best known for comic takes on classical music. One of his most notable recent creations? A symphony-worthy compilation of iPhone-inspired […]

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Welcome to Webminster

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Londoners were left puzzled after Tube station Westminster appeared to be renamed Webminster overnight in a PR stunt. Amazon replaced Tube signs with a new name to advertise the launch of a new London internet service to help businesses. Scores of confused London Underground passengers noticed the swapped signs and questioned what was going on […]

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A strike too far down the Tube

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Commuters battled through “absolute mayhem” to get to work on today as the Tube strike sparked a morning of travel misery across London. Commuters have been warned they face further woe trying to get home because of London’s crippling Tube strike. The 24-hour walk-out by members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union and the […]

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This strike is pants!

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With somewhat unfortunate timing on the Sunday before a 24 hour Tube Strike pranksters staged a cheeky invasion of London’s underground network to take part in No Trousers On The Tube Day. What began as a madcap idea by a handful of people on New York City’s mass transit system in 2002 has grown into […]

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Beautiful Metro Maps

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It a problem facing every holidaymaker when on a city break abroad – how on earth to read the Underground map. Whether it’s the Metro in Mexico City, the Subway in New York or the Tube in London, each subterranean transport system has its own unique map and for foreign visitors they can be impossible […]

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Brandalism on The Tube

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A ‘brandalism’ group has targeted the London Underground by covering hundreds of advertisements with posters claiming “advertising shits in your head”. The Special Patrol Group (SPG) says adverts are a form of “visual pollution that is harmful for the public” and claims to have dispatched 40 agents to take on the Tube network. Transport for […]

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Cost and time mapped by TuberMap

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TuberMap, a new Tube map instantly tells Londoners the time and cost of any journey across the capital with one click of a button. As the three questions commuters want answers to are how do I get there, how much will it cost and how long will it take, having all these answered on one […]

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Emma Watson the Tube Book Fairy

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London commuters got a surprise when they spotted Emma Watson dashing through underground stations to hide copies of her favourite book. Onlookers noticed the actress at St John’s Wood station on Tuesday afternoon as she got involved in the Books on the Underground campaign. The 26-year-old filmed herself dropping copies of Maya Angelou’s Mom & […]

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Frank Pick of The Underground

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A man described as the “forgotten visionary of London transport” is set to be honoured with a memorial in Piccadilly Circus Tube station. As managing director of London Underground in the early 20th century, Frank Pick introduced the branding, classic red logo and map design which are recognised globally today. Sam Mullins, director of the […]

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The Eagle On London

Campaigner Darcus Howe dies

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George Osborne the influence peddler

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Seven Sisters at Seven Sisters

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Britain’s rudest address?

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The Eagle on Ireland

Happy Bloomsday 2017

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Dunmanway’s great new Pool Complex

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Ireland defends God, if there is a God

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The Galway Girls

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