The Food of the Irish

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Tayto crisps are the ‘most missed’ food among Irish emigrants and a survey has found stout and bacon among Irish foods emigrants say are of superior quality to those abroad. They are the centrepiece of many food parcels sent abroad and now they’ve been named as the “most missed” food by Irish emigrants. Tayto crisps […]

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Hipchips in Soho

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Soho is well known for giving punters what they want but its latest offering is something truly kinky  – Hipchips,  a restaurant serving solely crisps and dips! London already boasts a café dedicated to breakfast cereals and a diner specialising in cheese toasties. Today it welcomes a new arrival — a Soho restaurant serving solely […]

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Ziferblat Coffee and Cake by the hour

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Ziferblat in Manchester, is a kind of cafe that charges you six pence a minute for the time you spend there. Customers can consume as much food, drink and wi-fi in that time as they like. And believe it or not it has taken off! Ever felt you’ve overstayed your welcome in a cafe, by […]

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Ode for William the Worm

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When Wes Metcalfe bought a cucumber from a Tesco shop in Dinnington, Sheffield, he did not expect it to come with a dead worm. So put off was he by the creature wedged inside the packaging, that he turned to Facebook to let Tesco know why it would be a while before he tucked into […]

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Irish chipper about Paul’s Jammy Wotsit

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  In Australia Bondi’s considerable Irish community now has its own chipper and, according to its owners, The Traditional Chip Shop is starting to batter the opposition.  Owned by Meath-man Will Dolan and his wife, Suzanne, the Traditional Chip Shop has been packing them in since opening its doors in October. The top sellers so […]

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Save Soho

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When you first come to London you seek out places to eat which are personal or good value or both. I remember well The Chelsea Kitchen, the Stockpot, Daquise, Wong Kei, and the markets and food stalls in Strutton Ground, Victoria and Berwick Street, Soho. Slowly the real London we knew and related to is […]

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Dine like a Lord!

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The Peers’ Dining Room at the House of Lords opened to the public for the first time this year – as managers attempt to raise cash following £880,000 losses. Foodies have the chance to dine like a lord with a three course lunch and coffee costing £40 per head. Actually the clickbait headline is not […]

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Caffix – London’s One Pound Café

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The Eagle has covered the explosion of “no choice” cafés in London. A cereal café, porridge café, cheese-sandwich café and owl café are just some of the concepts to have opened in 2015. But the One Pound café is a concept which may very well be around for some time. £1 and fresh. Come on […]

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Shellfish Freedom in Dublin

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Animal right activists aka “The Lobster Liberation Army” caught a Dublin restaurant by surprise on Friday 8th May when they ‘liberated’ nine lobsters from its dinner menu. Members of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) targeted the Ka Shing restaurant on Dublin’s Wicklow Street and filmed their daring raid to clear out the Chinese eatery’s […]

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Ode to a Pie

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Oh the delights of a pie, the unctuous combination of a butter shortcrust pastry encasing a cornucopia of slow cooked ingredients in a rich gravy. Yet these days we often are served a brick on a plate or a pie in an enamel dish. Bring back real pies and plates I say such as this […]

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The Eagle On London

Seven Sisters at Seven Sisters

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Britain’s rudest address?

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Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

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Apple ringtone on the Tube

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The Eagle on Ireland

The story of the Skibbereen Eagle

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Stand up for the real St. Patrick

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The Luck of The Donald

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Ride me Sideways in Phibsborough

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