Dublin in The Rare Old Times

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Bank of Ireland, originally the world’s first purpose built parliament building. Dublin in these photos from 1961 seems a different world and possibly a different planet. An American, Charles W. Cushman travelled the world for 30 years, including a visit to Dublin. When he died, he left his collection to Indiana State University, who have […]

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A Tale of Three Restaurants and a Hotel

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Dublin’s Grafton Street The recent weekend in the Fair City will sound like a Sybarite’s Progress but basing ourselves in the South City Centre in Buswell’s Hotel it afforded an opportunity, rare for a native of the auld place like myself, to enjoy the city without the need to “get home” and absorb the urban […]

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A Tale of Two Parks

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The Fair City has undoubtedly given much to the descendants of Arthur Guinness whose St James Gate Brewery gave a distinctive waft of roasted barley to the banks of the River Liffey and whose ships transporting the “Black Stuff” were a feature of the quayside opposite the Custom House when I was growing up in […]

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Irish Parliament Building

Posted on Oct 12, 2008 in Architecture | 2 comments

Bank of Ireland Frontage At the centre of Dublin, College Green provides a fine public space with the well mannered Corinthian façade of Trinity College looking down Dame Street, the ceremonial road to the former British centre of power, Dublin Castle, and the fine bank head offices and on its left the building known today […]

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Bombast! The power of a 18 pounder Blomefield cannon at Tower No. 7 Killiney, Co. Dublin Tower No. 11 – Joyce Tower Sandycove, Co. Dublin. Growing up in Dublin Martello Towers were like old friends which beaded the coastline around the city like a string of pearls. Dublin City has a wonderful maritime location with […]

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James Joyce and Me

Posted on Jun 16, 2008 in Dublin | one comment

Dublin and Anna Livia Plurabella Today, in my hometown of Dublin, hundreds of people gather to celebrate Bloomsday, the annual event dedicated to the lead character in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Bloomsday re-enacts the epic journey through the capital undertaken by Leopold Bloom on June 16th 1904. The name derives from the protagonist of Joyce’s Ulysses, […]

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Joseph Beuys and me.

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The German artist Joseph Beuys who has been variously described as a sculptor, draughtsman, creator of action-performances, political leader and teacher has been in the news of late. The art collector and dealer Anthony d’Offay has recently donated his impressive collection, valued at £125 m, of work by modern artists to the Tate Modern and […]

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Bob Geldof and Me.

Posted on Aug 19, 2007 in Dublin | 3 comments

Dublin in the 70’s was a dreary spot. Ireland was in the grip of the old certainties and the thought control mechanisms were still in place. I found myself studying architecture at Bolton Street College of Technology. Here, there were a number of third level courses (Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Geo-surveying) grafted onto what was […]

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Dublin’s Fair City

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Halpenny Bridge DC’s Hibernian Adventure! Cead mile failte go dti Bhaile Atha Cliath, priomh cathairach na hEireann. Welcome to Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and the hometown of many famous writers and others! A special place, the Augustan capital of a Gaelic Ireland or a ravenous sow which devours its young depending on the literary […]

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The Eagle On London

Schools to Prison on the Tube

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Happy Birthday Karl Marx

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Millicent Fawcett

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Labour anti-Semitism – the morning after

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The Eagle on Ireland

The Longest Day

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Bloomsday 2019

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My Old Man

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An Irish song for May Day!

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