Dracula is a Dubliner!

Posted on Aug 28, 2014 in Dublin | one comment

  As a townsman of no mean city, Dublin, an older Viking city than Oslo I share my hometown with many famous and infamous characters. But few realise that Dracula, Prince of Darkness, really hails from Dublin and the funerary practice at a Dublin cemetery inspired that whole groovy stake in the heart vibe! This […]

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Home are the heroes, home from the wars

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Dublin | Comments Off on Home are the heroes, home from the wars

In 1919, three years after the 1916 rising, tens of thousands lined the streets of Dublin to cheer in a “Victory Parade” the Irish soldiers who had fought for “King and Country” in the Great War. By 1922 the Irish Free State was independent and those who had “fought for England” were lambasted as traitors […]

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On Raglan Road on an autumn day

Posted on Jun 23, 2014 in Dublin | one comment

  On Raglan Road on an autumn day I met her first and knew That her dark hair would weave a snare that I might one day rue; I saw the danger, yet I walked along the enchanted way, And I said, let grief be a fallen leaf at the dawning of the day. On […]

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Aldborough House in a ruinous state

Posted on Jun 19, 2014 in Architecture | 4 comments

  I was shocked on the recent visit to Dublin by the ruinous state of the last great Georgian townhouse built in the city, Aldborough House. Described by architectural historian Maurice Craig as having a “gaunt and melancholy air” its decline has been dramatic and with boarded and broken windows it now serves as Dublin’s […]

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Dublin’s Martello Towers

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 in Architecture | 2 comments

In Dublin the week before Bloomsday on a glorious sunny day I had the opportunity to re-visit Martello Tower No. 7 on Tara Hill in Killiney and contemplate one of Dublin’s great views and an amazing restoration of this wonderful Tower and surroundings by an old friend. The view is indeed beautiful with a vista […]

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Bloomsday in Dublin

Posted on Jun 15, 2014 in Dublin | Comments Off on Bloomsday in Dublin

“Bloomsday” is the day on which James Joyce set his novel Ulysses in my native city of Dublin. The name derives from the protagonist of Joyce’s Ulysses, and 16th June 1904 was the date of Joyce’s first outing with his wife-to-be, Nora Barnacle, when they walked to the Dublin village of Ringsend and onto Sandymount […]

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Dublin’s historic Botanic Gardens

Posted on Jun 15, 2014 in Dublin | Comments Off on Dublin’s historic Botanic Gardens

One of the unsung joys of Dublin City are its delightful Botanic Gardens set in its Northside suburb of Glasnevin around 3 miles from the city centre. Glasnevin is a village which has been swallowed up by the city but still has much charm and character due to its setting along the Tolka River and […]

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Dublin’s historic Henrietta Street

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 in Architecture | 45 comments

Henrietta Street is Dublin city’s earliest Georgian Street. It is famous for its fine examples of Georgian architecture and for the many TV shows and Movies filmed there. Laid out in the 1720’s and 30’s it ascended a slope from Bolton Street to the Plover Field and it originally contained only 16 houses which are […]

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The Irish nomination for the Darwin Awards is …

Posted on Apr 6, 2014 in Dublin | 5 comments

The Eagle is concerned with the Ireland you don’t hear so much about – Ireland of the Murders. Even by normal standards Ireland seems to have developed murderous tastes for Hibernian Homicide since the beginning of 2014 with more than quadruple the number of killings in the same period in 2013. Not just that but […]

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A year in Dublin

Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Dublin | 2 comments

Welcome to Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and the hometown of many famous writers and others! A special place, the Augustan capital of a Gaelic Ireland or a ravenous sow which devours its young depending on the literary source you use! What is undoubted is it is a place apart. In Gaelic it is known […]

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The Eagle On London

Schools to Prison on the Tube

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Happy Birthday Karl Marx

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Millicent Fawcett

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Labour anti-Semitism – the morning after

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The Eagle on Ireland

The Longest Day

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Bloomsday 2019

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My Old Man

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An Irish song for May Day!

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