US Government sponsored Ransomware

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In all the Ransomware publicity which has affected hospitals Governments and financial institutions worldwide two important points have been overlooked. Firstly , the technology used was developed by the US Government’s NSA (National Security Agency) to spy on its own citizens and secondly the methodology of these Cyber Attacks was developed by State Actors, particularly […]

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Ziferblat Coffee and Cake by the hour

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Ziferblat in Manchester, is a kind of cafe that charges you six pence a minute for the time you spend there. Customers can consume as much food, drink and wi-fi in that time as they like. And believe it or not it has taken off! Ever felt you’ve overstayed your welcome in a cafe, by […]

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Tunnock’s storm in a Teacake

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Tea time favourite Tunnock’s has been accused of abandoning its Scottish heritage with a new advert on the London Underground network. In an effort to sell more teacakes in England, Tunnock’s has distanced itself from its Scottish heritage by removing the Scottish Lion Rampant from packaging. @The45Storm @AngrySalmond Are you a #tunnocks ? @YesGiffnock Doin […]

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The train from China is arriving at Platform 2

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The first train to complete a journey on the world’s longest railway line, connecting Spain and China, has returned home. The 16,156-mile round trip on the new Yixin’ou cargo line through China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and Spain took four months. The train arrived laden with cheap goods and returned to China with expensive […]

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Dearest Davos

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Is hyper-expensive Davos is just an excuse for people who have lots of money to pretend that they care about people, who have very little money? Take US billionaire Jeff Greene. He made most of his money betting against sub-prime mortgages — so putting a wager on poor people being booted out of those homes. […]

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A helping hand from Timpson

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I’m not normally a great fan of the High Street key cutting / shoe repairing / Dry cleaning chain Timpson’s. For one thing one of its shareholders, Edward Timpson, is a Tory MP and I always found them very expensive. However they do treat their staff well investing in training and Apprenticeships and making a […]

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Shock! Horror! Zoella and Alfie Deyes quit the internet

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Never underestimate the power of the Skibbereen Eagle as Czar Nick once said. Now Britain’s bestselling “author”  has quit the internet only two days after The Eagle exposed Zoella was not quiet the author she claimed to be! The YouTuber, who has more than six million followers, is taking a break from her online world “for […]

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Greencore is no longer Sugar Sweet

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Once upon a time the Irish Sugar Company was a source of national pride – now its successor company makes its fortune in Britain by filling its sandwiches by exploiting workers on low wages.  Set up after Independence in 1926 with the aim of making Ireland self sufficient in sugar the company  had four factories […]

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Ban this Black Friday Immigrant from Britain

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Britain today received another unwelcome foreign immigrant – it’s called Black Friday and this alien influence comes from the US of A. In the US, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday – Black Friday – has been the biggest shopping day of the year since 2001. Consumers in the UK have been becoming more aware […]

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Have you had Zoella today?

Posted on Nov 26, 2014 in Business | one comment

YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has a new book out today. She hosted a launch party for her debut novel, Girl Online, in central London last night. The novel is based in part on Sugg’s own experience of charting her everyday thoughts in video blogs or ‘vlogs’ online. Anyway, the book is out and […]

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The Eagle On London

Jeremy’s Jewish Question

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TubeMapper captures images of The Underground

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Women on the Buses

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

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The Eagle on Ireland

The Skibbereen Eagle and the Czar of Russia

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The Real St. Patrick

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More Irish than the Irish themselves

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Dublin’s Saint Valentine

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