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Abu Qatada – He even looks foreign!

The Red Top Tabloids who put Britain First Europe Last and support Our Boys and jobs for Our People have had all their xenophobic bells rung in the case of Omar Othman t/a Abu Qatada who they have labelled, on the basis of no evidence at all, as Osama Bin Laden’s representative in Europe. Very careful with the facts are our British Tabloids, no doubt they have obtained hacked voicemail evidence on this as they care so much about the “Public Interest.” To add to the tabloid interest Abu Qatada helpfully looks foreign, being one of those Mohamedan’s that the God fearing people of Britain have been warned about. Britain of course started interfering in the Arab world in earnest from 1914 onwards not because they cared about them or Arabs were going to arttack Britain but for its own entirely selfish purposes.

Now the radical cleric Abu Qatada has won his appeal against deportation from the UK to Jordan, at the European Court of Human Rights. The judges accepted the UK’s deal with Jordan to protect the cleric from abuse was sound. But the court said he should not face trial for terrorism on evidence obtained by the torture of others. Home Secretary Theresa May said the European judges’ decision was “not the end of the road”. The British government can make a final appeal before the judgement becomes binding in three months’ time. If it does not appeal, the cleric will have to be released from detention.

Abu Qatada, whose real name is Omar Othman, is one of the most influential Islamist clerics in Europe, supporting jihadist causes. British judges have described him as “truly dangerous”. He has never faced trial in the UK, but has been detained without charge and had his movements restricted by a control order, a form of house arrest. The Palestinian-Jordanian preacher has been convicted in his absence of involvement in two major terrorism plots in Jordan, a country famed for its judicial standards, accomplished torturers and motivated hangmen.

European Court’s Clare Ovey: ”There’s a real risk that the evidence obtained from his co-accused by torture will be used against him at trial” Abu Qatada says that those convictions were based on evidence extracted by the torture of co-defendants and he would face similar treatment if returned. He originally fled to the UK in 1993 after being tortured twice.

And so the “Putting Britain First” Tabloids are in arms against this foreigner with a hairy face who took the home of democracy to a nasty European Court who doesn’t understand the British way of doing things, such as participating in renditions and sending fuzzie wuzzies to other countries to be tortured.

Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi who was head of Interpol

Is this the same European Court of Justice they are talking about, set up by the victors (including Britain) in WW11 to stop the creation of Police States as happened under the fascists (low point Reinhard Heydrich, the NAZI’s poster boy and chair of the Wanesee Conference was the pre-war head of Interpol) and of kangaroo courts which sentenced resisters to death. You remember them, don’t you, as the Allies executed a number of Nazi judges even though they were following orders / Nazi laws? Is this the same ECJ which has nothing to do with the EU and which was championed by Winston Churchill?

Of course Churchill’s mind had been concentrated by the Holocaust. Before the “Final Solution” was put into effect the German public had come to accept the “Fog and Night” killings of the Nazi’s political opponents and the killing of 70,000 disabled and mentally ill people in the name of racial purity. Before all this happened the Nazi Reich had turned hospitals into places where people were murdered and Courts into places where the Law was denied. As Churchill was later to declare about the Holocaust;

“… and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races of Europe.”

And is this the same Abu Qatada who is described by MSN as a “Terrorist” but who has NEVER been convicted of a crime in Britain (that actually might require evidence not “tainted by the poisonous fruits of torture” which has been banned by The Common Law for over 500 years) and has been under effective house arrest for over seven years in this “Freedom Loving Democracy.”

Yes on all counts, M’Lord.

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