Farewell Jeremy Corbyn

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Farewell Jeremy, ’tis a pity it took so long

#Corbots & #Momentum are part of the #Corbyn problem not of the solution. Under  a trusted leader like Keir Starmer or David Miliband fighting from the centre #Labour would have had a landslide. They have enabled the #Tories and #Brexit On the doorstep in this election, the biggest issue by far was Jeremy Corbyn. Essentially the election was a referendum on Corbyn.

He has proved decisively he is the worst Labour Leader since George Lansbury by getting the worst Labour election result since 1935. Clear out the stables, the Stalinist clique of Seumas Milne and Andrew Murray who resigned from the Communist Party to become Corbyn’s SPAD, his gormless sons Sebastian and Tommy who provided fan music at some expense. Get rid of Len Cluskey’s former Girlfriend Jennie Formby whose treatment of anti-Semitism is a disgrace and get rid of Union dinosaur Cluskey elected in a crooked election by 6% of Unite membership who ignored Labour MP’s to install first Ed Miliband and then Magic Grandfather ensuring Labour betrayed the electorate and delivered only hot air.

Corbyn is the most unlikely and uninspiring person to lead Labour since George Lansbury. He is a well off grammar school kid who flunked his A Levels despite being brought up in a large country house who has revelled in his underachievement. He did not even complete a course in “Trade Union Studies” paid for by his then Trade Union Employer who gave him time off to attend it at the academically undemanding North London Poly.   He spent 33 years as a dilettante North London Politico delivering nothing, responsible for nothing and spending most of his time in the company of unelectables campaigning against the Labour Party, not to mentions crypto-fascists supporting terrorism, LGBT discrimination and anti-Semitism.

He has changed his mind on nothing of significance since he and Diane Abbot toddled across Europe on a blissful motorcycle tour to the Orwellian named “German Democratic Republic” and uncritically viewed the “Great Anti-Fascist Protection Barrier” in Berlin in this “Socialist” Worker’s Paradise, or as the rest of us saw it the greatest symbol of oppression and denial of freedom in Europe, the Berlin Wall. Corbyn has never expressed an opinion on it in public.

Most of the new members and “supporters” who voted for Corbyn do not believe, or care, that the party faced electoral oblivion. But we do. It happened in Scotland in 2015 – and that was under a functioning leadership team. It will happen in 2019 across large swathes of what once were our heartlands. When the party and movement of the workers loses the trust of the people it was founded to serve there should be a moment of reflection. Labour today is more middle-class, more obsessed with ideology and more out of touch than ever before. It should say sorry to those it has betrayed.

Corbyn, his supporters and all those responsible for wrecking the party that just ten years ago was in government wiping out homelessness, building a world class NHS, tackling poverty and much more, must go. Corbyn arrived on the scene with a set of beliefs that has never changed. He is a lifelong Marxist who believes Israel is not a legitimate state but a racist aberration which should not exist in any form. Throughout his leadership he has taunted British Jews and welcomed Jew-haters into Labour.

Return the CLP’s to democracy by clearing out the entryists who have no commitment to Labour Values and the Broad Church of the Labour Movement, take them back from the Momentum £3 Robots and the Old Trot and Stalinist entryists who campaigned against the Party for years but knew their “Time had come” for their unelectable agenda with The Magic Grandfather. Let the Party be represented by its elected MP’s and Councillors not fellow travellers from Stop Everything Except Russian Wars, CND, Novara “Luxury Communism” Media, Owen Jones  and the Goon Ken Loach who financed the hilariously misnamed “Left Unity” which tried to undermine Labour for years. Get rid of dodgy geezers like Salma Yaqoob an anti-Semite who stood against Labour four times. A 1970s hard-left clique led the party into a dead end – and it’s the poor and vulnerable who will pay the price.

Nine years into a shoddy, tawdry shitty Tory Government, and the Labour Party is predicted to win 191 seats. Perhaps now Labour will rid itself of the student protest politics of Corbyn and Momentum and rebuild itself as a party that reaches outside the purist socialist bubble to an electorate that moved on from 1983 in 1983. These are the worst results in a century. If you still blame the media, Brexit, Blair and centrists you will subject the poor and needy that you claimed to represent, to more Conservative rule. We don’t need anymore radical socialist agendas and we don’t need class war rhetoric. To make change we don’t need revolutionary change but evolutionary change. Right now a new leader and not one of the Corbyn clones, but a real leader to take Labour back to electability.

This failure all on Corbyn. All of it. Their knuckleheaded stupidity has betrayed the Party, the Country and the Electorate. They own their own spectacular failure and like the idiotic Tony Benn before them they have damaged a great party and enabled a Tory rampage which will make Britain poorer, destroy the Union, damage Ireland and make the UK a quaint a sideshow in influencing our natural allies and partners in Europe and the rest of the World.

Funny how many die hard Corbyn fans still marvel at the level of support for an objectively appalling Prime Minister without realising that they’re part of the problem, not the solution. Corbyn was the toxic Tories secret weapon and his failure is a huge betrayal of our supporters and the Electorate who long for a better Britain, comfortable in its skin and proud of its place in the European Union. A Labour Party deserving of the voters trust, promising what it can deliver and delivering what it promises.

Let them be gone tomorrow and the fight to rebuild Labour and restore honest politics begins tomorrow.

The Skibbereen Eagle

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