Brexit Swansong

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So lazy David Davis having engaged in lazy Brexit fantasies has delivered absolutely nothing including not a SINGLE Trade Agreement knows the game is up and resigns at 11.30 on a Sunday night.

In a stunning move which rocked Westminster, the Conservative big-hitter said he had become “a reluctant conscript” to the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy. His decision to quit came barely 48 hours after the Cabinet appeared to have finally agreed its Brexit strategy, and throws Mrs May’s government into chaos. It is time to make all the toxic Tories resign and put the country first. That’s SIX resignations since the Autumn. So much for Strong and Stable Theresa May! 8 ministers from the two Brexit departments (DEXEU & DIT) have now resigned since their creation. The only thing exiting from Brexit is the people in charge.

We never thought we would be quoting the words of the Prophet Michael O’Leary but his words earlier this year have, pun intended, travelled well.

“Do the voters even begin to understand how this mess is entirely of the Conservative Party’s creation? The Tories are turning Brexit into a humiliating shambles. They called a referendum when they didn’t have to, they accepted the result, they willed Brexit, they promised Brexit, and now they’re comprehensively failing to organise it. You can’t blame the voters, who quite reasonably assumed that the Tories would never have offered a referendum if they hadn’t thought leaving Europe could be arranged. The fingerprints for this crime of mismanagement are Tory fingerprints.”

We should also remember Brexit was NOT a Democratic vote it was Gerrymandered. EU citizens living in Britain were excluded as were 3.7 Million Brits living in EU. The Government funded Vote Leave Campaign engaged in widespread electoral fraud, illegal funding and data abuse. Vote Leave, the official referendum campaign that was partly funded with taxpayers’ money, looks to have committed what may be one of the biggest incidents of electoral fraud in Britain in more than a century this is a fight for the soul of British democracy.

Official investigations under way so far include: overspending by Vote Leave, overspending by Leave.EU, coordination between Vote Leave and BeLeave, the source of at least £12m in donations in gifts and loans by Arron Banks’s company to Leave.EU, the use of data by all campaigns including the role of Cambridge Analytica, its Canadian affiliate, AIQ and Banks’s Eldon insurance company. In addition, there are also pressing and urgent questions about – but no official investigation into – the source of a donation made to the DUP. At stake here is the heart of British Democracy and the policy and the election which brought Theresa May to power. Can Democracy be safe from those who commit Electoral Fraud and act as agents of a foreign power?

Meanwhile the self inflicted economic masochism of Brexit continues to sell Britain and its working people short. May is in office but not power because the toxic Tories can’t agree who should replace this soulless cipher and they have the gift of the worst opposition in living memory.

GDP growth, 2018.

Ireland: 4.5%

Poland: 4.2%

Turkey: 4.2%

Hungary: 3.9%

Ukraine: 3%

Austria: 2.9%

Sweden: 2.7%

Spain: 2.7%

Netherlands: 2.6%

Portugal: 2.3%

Germany: 2.1%

France: 1.9%

Norway: 1.9%

Greece: 1.8%

Denmark: 1.8%

Belgium: 1.7%

Russia: 1.7%

Italy: 1.3%

UK: 1.3%

We need a very concerted campaign to bring the benefits of being a full member of the EU to the forefront. We also need to address concerns about immigration that people genuinely hold & invest heavily in the poorer regions of the U.K. – a transformational approach is needed. This is the end game of Brexit now that the government and Mrs May’s policy are imploding. We need a people’s vote so the British people can put an end to this tragic farce. People can then vote to stay in the EU to protect their jobs and their futures.

May and the toxic Tories are now incapable of delivering Brexit so it is now dead since there is no possibility of Labour delivering it. The question is how Brexit is ended by the British people – a people’s vote the only viable course if there isn’t an immediate general election.

This is end game of Brexit. Like the poll tax, whether you thought it a good idea or a bad idea, it simply can’t be done. There will be lots of briefings and excitable chatter this week. Fact is though we are looking at the death rattle of Brexit.

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