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Blue passports are the beginning of the end of Brexit. Nothing is more dead in politics than a policy that has started to evoke titters.

If you keep saying you don’t care, keep clicking the “I don’t care” box on online polls asking whether or not you care about the “return” of the “iconic” blue passport, never once carried by almost anybody under the age of 50, then you do care. Of course it was carried by the elderly, along with the meaningless and pompous message from H.M. Secretary of State in a Europe recovering from war which decided with common purpose to put division behind and create a Europe without borders identified by its prosperity and the Rule of Law. Not the mean Europe of the past with walls, borders, passport stamps and foreign exchange controls with the cash you could take abroad stamped in the back of your “iconic” passport from a devalued economy. Europe was never about Trade but about a better world led by a visionary Europe with its iconic Four Freedoms, of goods, services, people and capital within the EU. A better Europe in which 3 Million Brits (who were not allowed vote in a Gerrymandered “Advisory Referendum”) live, work and have bought property over the course of a 42 year old marriage. A Europe where a British Architect can be employed to design Germany’s Parliament and Madrid’s Airport.

The Blue Passport is the meaningless nostalgia of ageing Brexiteers stealing the futures of young people to work, live, marry and settle by right not sufferance in 27 other countries. So tell me Brextremists, how can a country which now makes little the world wants (£196 Bn. trade deficit) and can’t sell effectively in a rich, open market of 600 million people thrive in a world much of which resents Britain’s brutal and rapacious colonial history when it robbed the rest of the world blind? The mean spirit that drove Brexit is that a very, very large percentage of this country simply believe that Britain is prouder, greater and just downright better than the rest of Europe. They care not for young people and their future, they want hard borders, economic stagnation that removes “foreigners” from what is a nation of immigrants since the Celts and Romans, and the effective re-partition of the Island of Ireland.

Listen to minority Prime Minister Theresa May’s meaningless sound bite on this rather irrelevant subject:

“The UK passport is an expression of our independence and sovereignty – symbolising our citizenship of a proud, great nation. That’s why we have announced that the iconic blue passport will return after we leave the European Union in 2019.”

So who are these Brexiteers harking back to that Golden Age when Britain had Price Controls, Wage Controls, Exchange Controls, unwound its Empire with nasty, incompetent colonial wars in Suez, Kenya, Cyprus, Malaysia and produced British World Beaters which never bet anything like the Brabazon aircraft and Concorde. Just go out today and try to buy a car built by a British owned company, go on a geriatric cruise on a British built cruise ship or go to Europe on a British built ferry, buy a British made Telly, washing machine, Hoover (including a Dyson), or even travel on a train made by a British owned company run by a British owned company? Nope, you can’t do any of that.

The overwhelmingly older, less educated, Little Englanders hark back to a world of certainty which never existed. The real truth is the UK could have had whatever colour passport it wanted at any point in the past 30 years (Croatia has a blue one) but the common format was agreed by all EU Nations to ensure we had a machine readable passport which could not be forged . This whole little saga comes straight from the land of bent bananas, and the ban on eight-year-olds blowing up balloons and the recyclability of teabags, all utterly made up 20 years ago by an utterly shameless man whose utter shamelessness has now driven him all the way to becoming Foreign Secretary, Boris the proven Liar.

Since the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU in June 2016, the whole thing has been a bit of an unmitigated disaster. David Cameron has resigned, Theresa May’s majority in government has been cut to ribbons, there are constant disputes over what’s going to happen with Northern Ireland, and the pound is significantly weaker than it was before the Brexit referendum. Not to mention wages are stagnating, inflation is increasing, the housing market is seized up and economic growth is way behind other leading economies. And now we find that the Tory Government is trying to hush up that its bribed partners in crime, Northern Ireland’s DUP who are keeping No Mandate May in power had their failed pro-Brexit campaign illegally financed by £454k of Saudi money?  Like all of Brexit they are agents of Foreign Powers attempting to diminish Britain.

Iconic Blue Passports

Iconic Blue Passports

Do the voters even begin to understand how this mess is entirely of the Conservative Party’s creation? The Tories are turning Brexit into a humiliating shambles. They called a referendum when they didn’t have to, they accepted the result, they willed Brexit, they promised Brexit, and now they’re comprehensively failing to organise it. You can’t blame the voters, who quite reasonably assumed that the Tories would never have offered a referendum if they hadn’t thought leaving Europe could be arranged. The fingerprints for this crime of mismanagement are Tory fingerprints. The crime is compounded by voters not having a clue if Labour under the silent Brexiteer Corbyn is going to lead the fight against a “policy” which will make Britons poorer, threaten the unity of the UK and strip away ordinary people’s rights.  So, despite the Tory Shambles, disunity and obvious incompetence without Labour Leadership the  country can back Labour and the hapless Tories are level pegging and the country still looks to Labour for effective opposition to this Tory nervous breakdown which has engulfed the country. 

Better a Europe and a world without passports than the meaningless iconography of division and borders?  To what to we owe this sad state of affairs. Why are evidence free Brexit delusions so compelling that the UK Government has not published one credible study of Brexit impacts?

Let us use our minds and not be in thrall to a delusional Brexit vision of Britain prospering by selling Morris Oxfords to Rhodesia and the “White Colonies”? What next Farage’s campaign to remove the French word passport from passport and to Angliscise his name?

“Hard as it is to say now.. I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible.” Winston Churchill 21 October 1942

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