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The Skibbereen Eagle platform is a Custom WordPress Theme which supports E-Commerce applications (with payment facilities), web advertising and niched Theme Wraps on the Landing Page and on individual categories so for instance we can offer niched Travel advertising and “push through” facilitation on that category and its articles.

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The Skibbereen Eagle has an informed and discerning readership with a starting base of 1.9 million page views per year which will increase rapidly after its relaunch on an integrated custom designed site with full Social Media integration and engagement including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Current traffic is 28% UK, 24% United States, 14% Ireland, 5% France, 4% Germany,  3% Canada. The relaunch on the custom site is supported by a promotional email and Social Media Campaign.

The Eagle provides a platform for;

E-Commerce affiliations to sell ethical products and services with “push through” and payment facilitation.

Partnerships: If you represent a travel or tourism brand or are involved in culture, arts, food or experiences in Ireland or London, talk to The Eagle about a partnership and how this wise bird could help promote your product or service.

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Sponsored content: Recommendation and referral marketing can generate unique, engaging and quality content to draw attention to your travel-related, Irish or London-based brands. In addition, The Skibbereen Eagle accepts sponsored guest posts subject to editorial guidelines.

Product reviews: The Eagle is available to review books, apps or other services and products related to travel, Ireland, London or the expat experience.


Advertising, including banners in various sizes and sidebar or footer links or full Theme Wraps.

Blog/Press Trips If you have a destination, city or experience that is off the beaten track, The Skibbereen Eagle would love to help you promote it and draw attention to it. Get in touch and see how you and The Eagle’s well travelled Eye can uncover hidden gems together.

Please make initial contact using the form on this page.



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