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Ada Lovelace Day

  Today 11th October is Ada Lovelace Day in honour of the pioneering mathematician, first female computer programmer and daughter of Lord Byron. Ada’s life and achievements are now marked across the globe as...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi starring Ireland’s West Coast

Judging by the extended teaser which has just been released the two stars of Star Wars: The Last Jedi  are the late Carrie Fisher and the Wild Atlantic Way on the West Coast of...

Ireland’s Che Guevara

50 years ago today, Che Guevara was murdered by Bolivian soldiers in the presence of CIA operatives. One CIA agent at the time commented that: “There was no person more feared by the company...

Dublin in 2050

Is this what Dublin will look like in 2050 or has somebody been jet lagged in Dubai? The one thing we definitely know about future spotting is we normally get it wrong. Remember when...

Barack Obama says “Happy Anniversary!”

Barack Obama surprised his wife Michelle with a touching video message praising her “strength, grace and honesty” on the couple’s anniversary. On October 3, 1992, Barack Obama married Michelle Robinson. Since Barack became President...

Korea: Already destroyed by America

Donald Trump will travel to Asia in November for the first time since becoming President, in a tour planned to “confront the North Korean threat”. The President has been applying pressure on his allies...

Crush on The Tube

Many have experienced a crush on the London Underground with over four million passenger journeys on the system at weekdays, more than on the entire National Rail system. But this time it is different....

A Ryanair Tale

Ryanair has been humbled as an overstretched, undermanaged airline as it has become a byword for chaos by cancelling thousands of flights, then many thousands more as the normally indolent and complicit CAA explodes...

The Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif

This September sees the inaugural Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif take place. There is considerable excitement building  in Kinsale, West Cork the start of the Wild Atlantic Way and of Cycle Sportif which will...

The Eagle on London

Freddie Mercury: Lover of Life, Singer of Songs

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Green Lanes on The Tube

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Trivago’s Tube takeover

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The Tube is not a Cafe

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The Eagle on Ireland

Ireland’s Che Guevara

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Dublin in 2050

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A Ryanair Tale

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The Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif

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